16 November 2004

For the Hold'em players only

In answer to Scott Tobias' question, here's an example of the expert play one might encounter if one were to frequent a certain New York "underground" poker club. I did not participate in this hand; I merely watched in awe.

Three players were involved. For simplicity's sake, let's call one Doyle, one Phil (Ivey or Hellmuth, you choose), and one Jared.

Jared calls pre-flop from early position. Phil raises. Doyle makes it three bets. Jared calls. Phil calls.

Flop comes A Q Q rainbow.

Jared checks. Phil bets. Doyle calls. Jared calls.

Turn is the five of spades: A Q Q 5. This puts two spades on the board.

Jared checks. Phil bets. Doyle raises. Jared calls both bets cold. Phil reraises. Doyle caps it. Jared calls both bets cold. Phil calls.

River is the king of diamonds: A Q Q 5 K.

Jared bets. Phil raises. Doyle reraises. Jared caps it. Phil and Doyle call.

Phil's hand: KQ, suited in spades.
Doyle's hand: AA
And Jared's hand? Ready for it?

J-10 offsuit.

I am not making this up.

And if you don't understand why that was the punchline, you shouldn't have read this far.

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