24 January 2005

From Sundance, With Really Limited Net Access

So just cold ratings for right now, I'm afraid.

Sunday 23

Brick (Rian Johnson, USA): 69
Police Beat (Robinson Devor, USA): 53
Steal Me (Melissa Painter, USA): W/O
Me and You and Everyone We Know (Miranda July, USA): 67
Green Chair (Park Chul-soo, South Korea): 42

Monday 24

The Dying Gaul (Craig Lucas, USA): 50
Pretty Persuasion (Marcos Siega, USA): 52
The Squid and the Whale (Noah Baumbach, USA): 58
Twist of Faith (Kirby Dick, USA): 44

Tuesday 25

Lonesome Jim (Steve Buscemi, USA): 65
The Aristocrats (Paul Provenza, USA): 55
Who Killed Cock Robin? (Travis Wilkerson, USA): 32
The Chumscrubber (Arie Posin, USA): W/O

Wednesday 26

Dear Wendy (Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark/Germany/France/UK): 63
Hustle & Flow (Craig Brewer, USA): 63
Grizzly Man (Werner Herzog, USA/Canada): 74
The Girl From Monday (Hal Hartley, USA): 49
Three...Extremes (Fruit Chan/Park ChanWook/Takashi Miike, Japan/China/Korea): 54 (The Miike is the only keeper here)

Thursday 27

Thumbsucker (Mike Mills, USA): 43
/Brick/ (Rian Johnson, USA): 73

(NOTE: I'd planned to see two other films yesterday, but was shut out of The Devil and Daniel Johnston due to baaab's late arrival with the tickets [this is not intended as criticism of baaab, who has been my savior throughout this festival] and accidentally slept through the press screening of What Is It? because I was using my cell phone as my alarm and it somehow got switched to Meeting mode, in which case the alarm just beeps once very quietly.)

Friday 28

Murderball (Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Adam Shapiro, USA): 56
Mirrormask (Dave McKean), UK): 76
Loggerheads (Tim Kirkman, USA): W/O

Saturday 29

Sugar (Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, USA): 64

More to come...

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