19 February 2006

Skandies: #10

Picture: Frank Miller's Sin City (70/9)
Director: Peter Jackson, King Kong (82/7)
Actress: Emmanuelle Devos, Gilles' Wife (98/6)
Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, Walk the Line (93/7)
S. Actor: Donald Sutherland, Pride & Prejudice (71/7)
S. Actress: Emily Blunt, My Summer of Love (76/8)
Screenplay: Gregg Araki, Mysterious Skin (82/9)
Scene: Ennis visits Jack's folks, Brokeback Mountain (50/3)
Undistributed 2003: Come and Go (João César Monteiro) (40/2)


This is Jackson's fifth time on the Director list, each time in the top ten. He placed 7th for The Frighteners in 1996, then finished 9th, 5th, and 3rd, in chronological order, for the Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-03).

Of the actors, only Phoenix, who came in 9th in Supporting for Gladiator five years ago, has previously appeared.

Araki: still new.

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