13 February 2006

Skandies: #16

Picture: Mysterious Skin (50/7)
Director: Kim Ki-duk, 3-iron (63/9)
Actress: Claire Danes, Shopgirl (45/6)
Actor: Birol Ünel, Head-On (65/9)
Supporting Actor: Mathieu Amalric, Munich (56/5)
Supporting Actress: Patricia Clarkson, The Dying Gaul (63/4)
Screenplay: Dan Futterman, Capote (57/7)
Scene: ))<>((, Me and You and Everyone We Know (41/5)
Undistributed, 2003: Angels in America (Mike Nichols) (30/1)


Kim finished 11th last year for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring. Good job August Voting Body continuing to stick it to Tony Rayns.

Danes makes her first appearance in the top 20 since she placed 11th way back in 1996 for William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. Clarkson gets her fourth consecutive Skandie nod in the supporting category (and fifth overall); she previously finished 11th for High Art (1998), 13th for Far From Heaven (2002), 10th for The Station Agent (2003), and 12th for Dogville (2004). Ünel and (incredibly) Amalric are new.

Futterman places for his first produced screenplay.

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