10 February 2006

Skandies: #18

Picture: Nobody Knows (47/7)
Director: Rob Zombie, The Devil's Rejects (58/3)
Actress: Mercedes Morán, The Holy Girl (36/5)
Actor: Christian Bale, Batman Begins (51/4)
S. Actor: Val Kilmer, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (48/4)
S. Actress: Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers (57/6)
Screenplay: Bong Joon-ho et al., Memories of Murder (50/5)
Scene (tie for #17): The audio that must be destroyed, Grizzly Man (40/4)
Undistributed 2003 (still a tie for #16): Channels of Rage (Anat Halachmi) (30/1)


Everyone is new except Bale, previously addressed since he's also a nominee this year, and Kilmer, who placed 17th last year in the lead category for Spartan.

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