08 February 2006

Skandies: #20

(Parenthetical is number of points/number of votes.)

Picture: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (47/5)
Director: Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds (56/6)
Actress (tie for #19): Rachel McAdams, Red Eye (35/5)
Actor: Russell Crowe, Cinderella Man (49/6)
S. Actor: Paddy Considine, My Summer of Love (45/6)
S. Actress: Dakota Fanning, War of the Worlds (54/3)
Screenplay: Frank Miller, Frank Miller's Sin City (46/6)
Scene: (tie for #19): Family dinner, Pretty Persuasion (40/2)
Undistributed 2003: The Magic Gloves (Martín Rejtman) (27/3)


Spielberg previously finished 2nd in 1998 for Saving Private Ryan and 7th in 2001 for AI. Congrats to him for making the cut at least once -- the last time he released two movies in the same year (Minority Report and Catch Me if You Can), neither one placed.

Crowe makes his sixth Skandie appearance, but his first ever outside of the top ten. Breaks down like so:

1997: #4, L.A. Confidential
1999: #5, The Insider
2000: #4, Gladiator
2001: #9, A Beautiful Mind
2003: #9, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

This is Considine's second citation; he placed 10th in the same category for Last Resort in 2001. McAdams and Fanning are both new to the fold.

Now that I check the IMDb, I discover that there actually is no screenplay credit for Sin City. But it's probably safe to assume that Miller deserves the credit, what with his name being in the title and all. It's his first appearance, the Skandies not having been around for Robocop 2.

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