29 January 2007

Skandies: #20

Picture: Manderlay (52/6)
Director: Spike Lee, Inside Man (63/8)
Actress: Sandra Hüller, Requiem (58/5)
Actor: Ben Whishaw, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (50/5)
S. Actor: Jason Schwartzman, Marie Antoinette (55/7)
S. Actress: Lola Dueñas, Volver (57/6)
Screenplay: Andrew Bujalski, Mutual Appreciation (51/4)
Scene: The Conquistador's rebirth, The Fountain (35/4)
Undistributed 2004: Stray Dogs (Marziyeh Meshkini) (23/2)


Spike Lee won Director in 2002 for 25th Hour.

This marks Jason Schwartzman's first Skandies nod since he placed 4th in Actor for Rushmore in 1998. The other three actors are all new.

Bujalski's screenplay for Funny Ha Ha didn't make the cut last year.

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Nictate said...

Hooray for Skandies. And hooray for Manderlay.