07 February 2008

Skandies: #10

Picture: I'm Not There (100/11)
Director: Ben Affleck, Gone Baby Gone (88/11)
Actress: Julie Christie, Away From Her (114/13)
Actor: George Clooney, Michael Clayton (98/12)
S. Actor: Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton (96/9)
S. Actress: Catherine Keener, Into the Wild (78/10)
Screenplay: Brad Bird, Ratatouille (114/10)
Scene: Ego's Proust moment, Ratatouille (80/7)

[Complete with crowd laughter, because I'm too lazy to create a clip if I can find it already on YouTube.]


Ben Affleck Bests Panahi, Bong, Resnais With Directorial Debut; Satan Enjoys Snowcone.

Familiar faces today among the thesps. Christie previously placed 12th for Afterglow in 1997. Clooney scores his fourth nod, following Out of Sight (15th, 1998), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (5th, 2000) and Intolerable Cruelty (8th, 2003). Wilkinson finished 4th in the lead category for In the Bedroom in 2001. And Keener makes her fifth appearance and her second at #10, where she debuted with Your Friends & Neighbors in 1998. (Also: 2nd for Being John Malkovich [1999], 7th for The 40 Year Old Virgin [2005], and 7th in the lead category for Lovely & Amazing [2002].)

Bird's screenplay for The Incredibles landed at #7 three years ago.

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