05 February 2008

Skandies: Guess the "nominees"

So this is roughly the point in the annual Skandies countdown when Ryan Wu will often pop up on the Movie Nerd Discussion Group and proceed to lay out the remaining Best Picture candidates, getting them almost exactly right. I've been wanting to turn this into a "beat MuseMalade" contest for a while now, so let's give it a spin and see whether I get enough responses to bother in future.

The goal is to predict the top five in each category, in the correct order. Most of the likely contenders are yet to be heard from—of everything that finished 12th and below, I think only "A reluctant baptism" in Scene would likely have garnered any "nominee" votes. But I'm curious to see whether some of the actual "nominees" would be predicted by anyone.

Send your guesses to me at dangelo [who can be found at] panix.com, with the subject line "Beat MuseMalade." (Please do not post them in the comments.) Be sure to number each category from one to five, with one obviously being the film/actor/whatever you expect to win. I'll award one point for each "nominee" you get generally right (i.e. it did place in the top five), and five points for each "nominee" you get exactly right (including placement). You need not be a Skandies voter to play, though the voters obviously have an edge in that they know what they tossed a bunch of points to. (Mark Pittillo, you are not eligible bud, and don't let yourself be bribed.) Experience an additional pang of regret daily for the next week and a half as your picks fail to make the cut!

Entries must be received before I post #11, which will be sometime around noon Eastern time tomorrow (Wed 6).

CLARIFICATION: You still get the one point if you place an actor in lead when (s)he wound up in supporting, or vice versa. But you have to correctly guess where they wound up to get the five points.


Matt Noller said...

Was the Romanian abortion movie eligible this year?

Anonymous said...

the smiths suck

md'a said...

No and no.