20 December 2008

indieWire poll: Interim Report

NOTE: This list is now complete, and I'm maintaining it here because iW declined to publish the complete results this year, cutting the list off at 100 films and discarding any film with only a single vote. Also, there are some discrepancies between my tally and theirs, which may have something to do with the fact that they say 105 critics took part but only list 104. (UPDATE: I found the missing ballot. Wesley Morris' hasn't been published. List revised accordingly. Discrepancies remain, but I believe those have to do with unranked lists being incorrectly tallied by iW as if they were ranked. Doesn't really matter; the order wouldn't significantly change.)

For those critics who ranked their lists, I've indicated their #1 choice by putting their name in ALL CAPS. (Ballast is the highest-ranked film that was nobody's favorite.)

01. Flight of the Red Balloon (483/43) [Jason Anderson/John Anderson/Mark Asch/Michael Atkinson/Saul Austerlitz/James Crawford/ROBERT DAVIS/Steve Erickson/Graham Fuller/Leo Goldsmith/Brandon Harris/LIZ HELFGOTT/J. HOBERMAN/ERIC HYNES/Mark Jenkins/Kristin M. Jones/Ben Kenigsberg/Glenn Kenny/Peter Keough/MICHAEL KORESKY/Jay Kuehner/JOSHUA LAND/Nathan Lee/DENNIS LIM/Karina Longworth/Patrick McGavin/Kristi Mitsuda/Andrew O'Hehir/Michelle Orange/Nicolas Rapold/Bérénice Reynaud/Vadim Rizov/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Michael Joshua Rowin/Nick Schager/MICHAEL SICINSKI/Chuck Stephens/R. EMMET SWEENEY/Amy Taubin/Boyd van Hoeij/Elbert Ventura/CHRIS WISNIEWSKI/Stephanie Zacharek]
02. A Christmas Tale (446/38) [Mark Asch/Tom Charity/James Crawford/Travis Crawford/Robert Davis/Marcy Dermansky/Aaron Dobbs/Jürgen Fauth/Graham Fuller/LEO GOLDSMITH/Andrew Grant/Tom Hall/Brandon Harris/AARON HILLIS/Eric Hynes/Ben Kenigsberg/Glenn Kenny/Laura Kern/Michael Koresky/Jay Kuehner/Joshua Land/Karina Longworth/PATRICK MCGAVIN/Kristi Mitsuda/Geoffrey O'Brien/ANDREW O'HEHIR/MARK OLSEN/David Poland/Ray Pride/Bérénice Reynaud/Vadim Rizov/Matt Singer/R. Emmet Sweeney/Charles Taylor/Elbert Ventura/Kim Voynar/ALISON WILLMORE/Stephanie Zacharek]
03. WALL•E (358/32) [Sam Adams/Jason Anderson/John Anderson/Donna Bowman/Tom Charity/James Crawford/Mike D'Angelo/PETER DEBRUGE/Aaron Dobbs/Steve Erickson/David Fear/Graham Fuller/Aaron Hillis/J. Hoberman/Kristin M. Jones/Ben Kenigsberg/Joshua Land/Kevin Lee/Nathan Lee/BRIAN MILLER/WESLEY MORRIS/NOEL MURRAY/Michelle Orange/David Poland/Nathan Rabin/Michael Sicinski/R. Emmet Sweeney/Amy Taubin/Scott Tobias/ELBERT VENTURA/Chuck Wilson/Chris Wisniewski]
04. Wendy and Lucy (351/36) [Sam Adams/Jason Anderson/Melissa Anderson//Michael Atkinson/Jeannette Catsoulis/Travis Crawford/Robert Davis/Aaron Dobbs/Bilge Ebiri/Cheryl Eddy/Cynthia Fuchs/Susan Gerhard/Leo Goldsmith/Tom Hall/Brandon Harris/J. Hoberman/Robert Horton/J.R. JONES/Kristin M. Jones/Jay Kuehner/Joshua Land/Dennis Lim/Phillip Lopate/Patrick McGavin/Kristi Mitsuda/Adam Nayman/Mark Olsen/Michelle Orange/Matt Singer/Chuck Stephens/R. Emmet Sweeney/Amy Taubin/Scott Tobias/Elbert Ventura/David Walsh/Alison Willmore]
05. Happy-Go-Lucky (338/31) [John Anderson/Melissa Anderson/Saul Austerlitz/Jeannette Catsoulis/MARCY DERMANSKY/Aaron Dobbs/Cheryl Eddy/DAVID FEAR/Ed Gonzalez/Aaron Hillis/Eric Hynes/J.R. Jones/Kristin M. Jones/Peter Keough/ERIC KOHN/KEVIN LEE/PHILLIP LOPATE/Amy Monaghan/Ray Pride/Nathan Rabin/Nicolas Rapold/Vadim Rizov/Joshua Rothkopf/Amy Taubin/CHARLES TAYLOR/Kim Voynar/David Walsh/Armond White/Alison Willmore/Chuck Wilson/STEPHANIE ZACHAREK]
06. Paranoid Park (325/31) [Tom Charity/Daryl Chin/Travis Crawford/Mike D'Angelo/BILGE EBIRI/Susan Gerhard/Leo Goldsmith/Andrew Grant/Brandon Harris/Aaron Hillis/J. Hoberman/Mark Jenkins/Ben Kenigsberg/Glenn Kenny/Peter Keough/Robert Koehler/Joshua Land/Dennis Lim/Kristi Mitsuda/Noel Murray/Michelle Orange/Jim Ridley/Joshua Rothkopf/Chuck Stephens/Amy Taubin/Scott Tobias/Elbert Ventura/Matthew Wilder/Alison Willmore/Chuck Wilson/Chris Wisniewski]
07. Still Life (319/31) [Jason Anderson/Mark Asch/Michael Atkinson/RICHARD BRODY/Peter Brunette/Tom Charity/Travis Crawford/Robert Davis/Steve Erickson/Kristin M. Jones/Robert Koehler/Michael Koresky/Jay Kuehner/Joshua Land/Kevin Lee/Dennis Lim/Patrick McGavin/Wesley Morris/Adam Nayman/Rob Nelson/Andrea Picard/Ray Pride/Nicolas Rapold/Bérénice Reynaud/Vadim Rizov/Michael Sicinski/Chuck Stephens/David Sterritt/Benjamin Strong/R. Emmet Sweeney/Chris Wisniewski]
08. Silent Light (306/26) [MELISSA ANDERSON/Michael Atkinson/JAMES CRAWFORD/MIKE D'ANGELO/Robert Davis/Bilge Ebiri/Steve Erickson/Leo Goldsmith/Tom Hall/Brandon Harris/Liz Helfgott/J. Hoberman/Ben Kenigsberg/Laura Kern/Michael Koresky/Jay Kuehner/Patrick McGavin/Kristi Mitsuda/Geoffrey O'Brien/Andrea Picard/Ray Pride/Michael Joshua Rowin/Elbert Ventura/MATTHEW WILDER/Alison Willmore/Chris Wisniewski]
09. Synecdoche, New York (285/25) [Mark Asch/Michael Atkinson/Donna Bowman/Peter Brunette/Jeannette Catsoulis/James Crawford/AARON DOBBS/ANDREW GRANT/BRANDON HARRIS/Grady Hendrix/Eric Hynes/Glenn Kenny/Michael Koresky/Karina Longworth/Phillip Lopate/Kristi Mitsuda/Amy Monaghan/Noel Murray/Mark Olsen/Nathan Rabin/Jim Ridley/MICHAEL JOSHUA ROWIN/NICK SCHAGER/Elbert Ventura/Chris Wisniewski]
10. Waltz With Bashir (284/27) [John Anderson/Melissa Anderson/Michael Atkinson/Daryl Chin/DAVID D'ARCY/Aaron Dobbs/Steve Erickson/David Fear/Susan Gerhard/Andrew Grant/Liz Helfgott/J. Hoberman/Eric Hynes/Mark Jenkins/PETER KEOUGH/Michael Koresky/Gary Kramer/Phillip Lopate/Andrew O'Hehir/Michelle Orange/Gerald Peary/David Poland/Michael Tully/Boyd van Hoeij/David Walsh/Matthew Wilder/Chris Wisniewski]
11. Rachel Getting Married (260/24) [Jeannette Catsoulis/Mike D'Angelo/Robert Davis/Cheryl Eddy/Susan Gerhard/ED GONZALEZ/Brandon Harris/Aaron Hillis/Karina Longworth/Noel Murray/Adam Nayman/Rob Nelson/Mark Olsen/Michelle Orange/David Poland/NATHAN RABIN/Jim Ridley/Joshua Rothkopf/Michael Sicinski/Matt Singer/SCOTT TOBIAS/Boyd van Hoeij/Kim Voynar/Armond White]
12. In the City of Sylvia (252/22) [Mark Asch/Tom Charity/Mike D'Angelo/Robert Davis/Aaron Dobbs/Susan Gerhard/Ed Gonzalez/Andrew Grant/Aaron Hillis/J. Hoberman/ROBERT KOEHLER/Gary Kramer/JAY KUEHNER/Dennis Lim/Patrick McGavin/ADAM NAYMAN/Jim Ridley/VADIM RIZOV/Michael Sicinski/Chuck Stephens/R. Emmet Sweeney/Boyd van Hoeij]
13. My Winnipeg (230/27) [Jason Anderson/John Anderson/MICHAEL ATKINSON/Donna Bowman/DARYL CHIN/James Crawford/Travis Crawford/Bilge Ebiri/Steve Erickson/Cynthia Fuchs/Liz Helfgott/Aaron Hillis/Eric Hynes/Mark Jenkins/Peter Keough/Robert Koehler/Dennis Lim/Karina Longworth/Phillip Lopate/Amy Monaghan/Noel Murray/Geoffrey O'Brien/Gerald Peary/Ray Pride/Jim Ridley/Michael Joshua Rowin/MATT SINGER]
14. Let the Right One In (229/22) [JASON ANDERSON/JOHN ANDERSON/Jeannette Catsoulis/Tom Charity/James Crawford/TRAVIS CRAWFORD/Cheryl Eddy/Jürgen Fauth/David Fear/Cynthia Fuchs/SUSAN GERHARD/Ed Gonzalez/LAURA KERN/Brian Miller/Adam Nayman/Gerald Peary/Richard Porton/Jim Ridley/Matt Singer/David Sterritt/Boyd van Hoeij/Chuck Wilson]
15. The Edge of Heaven (197/17) [Sam Adams/SAUL AUSTERLITZ/Peter Brunette/Daryl Chin/Marcy Dermansky/Jürgen Fauth/Graham Fuller/Susan Gerhard/TOM HALL/ROBERT HORTON/J.R. Jones/Peter Keough/Gary Kramer/Wesley Morris/Ray Pride/Charles Taylor/Boyd van Hoeij]
16. Milk (195/20) [James Crawford/Cheryl Eddy/Kristin M. Jones/GARY KRAMER/Dennis Lim/Patrick McGavin/Brian Miller/Wesley Morris/Noel Murray/Geoffrey O'Brien/Mark Olsen/Michelle Orange/Gerald Peary/David Poland/Nathan Rabin/Matt Singer/DAVID STERRITT/Amy Taubin/Kim Voynar/Alison Willmore]
17. Hunger (191/19) [Jeannette Catsoulis/David D'Arcy/Peter Debruge/Aaron Dobbs/Cynthis Fuchs/GRAHAM FULLER/Leo Goldsmith/Eric Hynes/Ben Kenigsberg/Laura Kern/Jay Kuehner/Dennis Lim/Gerald Peary/David Poland/Richard Porton/Nicolas Rapold/Bérénice Reynaud/Matthew Wilder/CHUCK WILSON]
18. The Wrestler (184/19) [Jason Anderson/Michael Atkinson/Donna Bowman/Peter Brunette/Robert Davis/Peter Debruge/Cheryl Eddy/Jürgen Fauth/Leo Goldsmith/Tom Hall/Ben Kenigsberg/Glenn Kenny/Patrick McGavin/Brian Miller/Mark Olsen/Nathan Rabin/JOSHUA ROTHKOPF/Matt Singer/David Sterritt]
19. Ballast (169/17) [Michael Atkinson/David D'Arcy/David Fear/Tom Hall/Eric Hynes/Robert Koehler/Michael Koresky/Gary Kramer/Jay Kuehner/Wesley Morris/Adam Nayman/Rob Nelson/Richard Porton/Chuck Stephens/Amy Taubin/Elbert Ventura/Chris Wisniewski]
20. Man on Wire (158/16) [Jason Anderson/Peter Debruge/Jürgen Fauth/David Fear/Susan Gerhard/Eric Hynes/Robert Koehler/Phillip Lopate/Eric Kohn/Amy Monaghan/Andrew O'Hehir/Mark Olsen/David Poland/Joshua Rothkopf/Scott Tobias/Chuck Wilson]
21. The Dark Knight (152/14) [DONNA BOWMAN/PETER BRUNETTE/David D'Arcy/Peter Debruge/Bilge Ebiri/Cheryl Eddy/Robert Horton/Wesley Morris/Noel Murray/Ray Pride/Nathan Rabin/Nick Schager/Matt Singer/Scott Tobias]
22. Che (152/13) [Melissa Anderson/Marcy Dermansky/JÜRGEN FAUTH/J. Hoberman/BEN KENIGSBERG/Glenn Kenny/Joshua Land/Nathan Lee/Patrick McGavin/Mark Olsen/David Poland/Nicolas Rapold/AMY TAUBIN]
23. The Duchess of Langeais (151/17) [Melissa Anderson/Mike D'Angelo/Steve Erickson/Graham Fuller/Robert Horton/GLENN KENNY/Dennis Lim/Adam Nayman/Geoffrey O'Brien/Andrea Picard/Nick Pinkerton/Richard Porton/Joshua Rothkopf/Michael Sicinski/David Sterritt/Benjamin Strong/R. Emmet Sweeney]
24. Reprise (133/15) [Jason Anderson/Mark Asch/David Fear/Andrew Grant/Tom Hall/Brandon Harris/Mark Jenkins/Amy Monaghan/Gerald Peary/RAY PRIDE/Nathan Rabin/Nick Schager/Boyd van Hoeij/Alison Willmore/Chuck Wilson]
25. Gomorrah (128/13) [Saul Austerlitz/Peter Brunette/Jeannette Catsoulis/Peter Debruge/Graham Fuller/Robert Koehler/Jay Kuehner/Wesley Morris/Geoffrey O'Brien/Mark Olsen/Chuck Stephens/Boyd van Hoeij/Matthew Wilder]
26. Woman on the Beach (117/13) [Donna Bowman/Richard Brody/James Crawford/Travis Crawford/Leo Goldsmith/Jay Kuehner/Joshua Land/Kevin Lee/Karina Longworth/Kristi Mitsuda/Andrea Picard/Bérénice Reynaud/Vadim Rizov]
27. La France (101/9) [Melissa Anderson/STEVE ERICKSON/Aaron Hillis/Robert Koehler/Karina Longworth/Patrick McGavin/Adam Nayman/Nick Pinkerton/Michael Sicinski]
28. Before I Forget (100/10) [Melissa Anderson/Steve Erickson/Tom Hall/Michael Koresky/Nathan Lee/Dennis Lim/Phillip Lopate/ANDREA PICARD/Chris Wisniewski/Stephanie Zacharek]
28. Slumdog Millionaire (100/10) [Peter Brunette/Travis Crawford/David D'Arcy/Grady Hendrix/Mark Jenkins/Kevin Lee/Brian Miller/MICHELLE ORANGE/David Poland/Kim Voynar]
30. Trouble the Water (98/10) [Marcy Dermansky/Cynthia Fuchs/Peter Keough/Brian Miller/Amy Monaghan/Rob Nelson/Richard Porton/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Charles Taylor/Stephanie Zacharek]
31. Encounters at the End of the World (97/10) [Sam Adams/TOM CHARITY/Cynthia Fuchs/Ed Gonzalez/Peter Keough/Karina Longworth/Amy Monaghan/Andrew O'Hehir/Nick Schager/Benjamin Strong]
32. The Last Mistress (93/10) [Jeannette Catsoulis/Liz Helfgott/Kristin M. Jones/Glenn Kenny/Michael Koresky/Kevin Lee/Rob Nelson/Michelle Orange/Nicolas Rapold/Chris Wisniewski]
33. The Class (88/9) [Sam Adams/Jeannette Catsoulis/Eric Kohn/Michael Koresky/Kevin Lee/Wesley Morris/Bérénice Reynaud/Charles Taylor/Stephanie Zacharek]
34. Standard Operating Procedure (83/8) [John Anderson/Donna Bowman/Cynthia Fuchs/Susan Gerhard/Ed Gonzalez/J.R. Jones/David Sterritt/Scott Tobias]
35. The Exiles (83/7) [Liz Helfgott/KRISTIN M. JONES/Amy Monaghan/Richard Porton/JIM RIDLEY/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Chuck Stephens]
36. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (82/9) [Donna Bowman/Richard Brody/Tom Charity/Bilge Ebiri/Nathan Lee/Mark Olsen/Nicolas Rapold/Jim Ridley/Amy Taubin]
37. Frownland (82/8) [Richard Brody/Steve Erickson/Tom Hall/Brandon Harris/J.R. Jones/Eric Kohn/Michael Tully/Alison Willmore]
38. The Romance of Astrea and Celadon (81/8) [Graham Fuller/Liz Helfgott/Robert Horton/Phillip Lopate/Geoffrey O'Brien/Andrew O'Hehir/Andrea Picard/Matthew Wilder]
39. The Secret of the Grain (76/8) [Mike D'Angelo/Robert Davis/Aaron Dobbs/David Fear/Andrew Grant/Aaron Hillis/Wesley Morris/Bérénice Reynaud]
40. Burn After Reading (73/8) [Sam Adams/Mike D'Angelo/Ben Kenigsberg/Noel Murray/Nicolas Rapold/Michael Joshua Rowin/Michael Sicinski/Elbert Ventura]
41. The Order of Myths (70/8) [Peter Debruge/Leo Goldsmith/Andrew O'Hehir/Jim Ridley/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Vadim Rizov/Michael Tully/Alison Willmore]
42. Momma's Man (67/8) [Melissa Anderson/Kristin M. Jones/Amy Monaghan/Andrew O'Hehir/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Joshua Rothkopf/Michael Tully/Alison Willmore]
43. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (67/6) [Donna Bowman/J. Hoberman/Mark Jenkins/Noel Murray/Scott Tobias/Boyd van Hoeij/all the people who voted for it last year]
44. Razzle Dazzle: The Lost World (66/6) [Daryl Chin/J. Hoberman/Glenn Kenny/Nathan Lee/Michael Joshua Rowin/R. Emmet Sweeney]
45. Ashes of Time Redux (62/6) [Mark Asch/Leo Goldsmith/Mark Jenkins/Kristin M. Jones/Chuck Stephens/Amy Taubin]
46. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (60/8) [Peter Debruge/Andrew Grant/Phillip Lopate/Geoffrey O'Brien/Michelle Orange/Vadim Rizov/Joshua Rothkopf/David Sterritt]
47. Boarding Gate (59/6) [Kristi Mitsuda/Nick Pinkerton/Nick Schager/Chuck Stephens/Benjamin Strong/Charles Taylor]
48. Chop Shop (58/8) [Saul Austerlitz/Marcy Dermansky/Eric Kohn/Gary Kramer/Andrew O'Hehir/Elbert Ventura/Kim Voynar/David Walsh]
49. Frozen River (57/5) [David D'Arcy/Marcy Dermansky/J.R. Jones/KIM VOYNAR/David Walsh]
50. Boy A (56/6) [James Crawford/Mark Jenkins/J.R. Jones/Laura Kern/Brian Miller/David Walsh]
51. Mister Lonely (53/5) [Cheryl Eddy/Eric Kohn/Karina Longworth/Benjamin Strong/Michael Tully]
52. Gran Torino (52/6) [Richard Brody/Glenn Kenny/Rob Nelson/Jonathan Rosenbaum/Benjamin Strong/R. Emmet Sweeney]
53. Up the Yangtze (52/5) [John Anderson/Peter Brunette/Cynthia Fuchs/Brian Miller/MICHAEL TULLY]
53. The Witnesses (52/5) [Marcy Dermansky/Ed Gonzalez/Benjamin Strong/Boyd van Hoeij/Armond White]
55. Mary (50/5) [Travis Crawford/Joshua Land/Rob Nelson/Michael Joshua Rowin/Benjamin Strong]
56. I No Longer Hear the Guitar (48/4) [Liz Helfgott/NATHAN LEE/Nick Pinkerton/Bérénice Reynaud]
57. The Visitor (47/5) [Peter Debruge/J.R. Jones/Kristi Mitsuda/Kim Voynar/Stephanie Zacharek]
58. Shotgun Stories (46/6) [Peter Debruge/Aaron Hillis/Laura Kern/Nick Pinkerton/Vadim Rizov/Michael Tully]
59. Alexandra (44/5) [Travis Crawford/David Fear/Liz Helfgott/Andrea Picard/Richard Porton]
59. Be Kind Rewind (44/5) [Saul Austerlitz/Marcy Dermansky/Wesley Morris/Rob Nelson/David Walsh]
61. Tell No One (41/5) [John Anderson/Marcy Dermansky/Bilge Ebiri/Jürgen Fauth/Charles Taylor]
62. My Father, My Lord (40/5) [Daryl Chin/Aaron Dobbs/Ed Gonzalez/Eric Kohn/Gerald Peary]
63. Profit motive and the whispering wind (38/5) [Kevin Lee/Adam Nayman/Andrea Picard/Michael Sicinski/Benjamin Strong]
64. W. (38/4) [Rob Nelson/Gerald Peary/Nick Pinkerton/Benjamin Strong]
65. The Silence Before Bach (37/3) [Daryl Chin/Robert Koehler/JONATHAN ROSENBAUM]
66. Changeling (35/4) [Ben Kenigsberg/Geoffrey O'Brien/Bérénice Reynaud/Matthew Wilder]
66. The Unforeseen (35/4) [Adam Nayman/Rob Nelson/Jim Ridley/Michael Tully]
68. Taxi to the Dark Side (35/3) [Sam Adams/Richard Porton/David Sterritt]
69. Summer Palace (33/4) [Mark Asch/Richard Brody/Ed Gonzalez/Ray Pride]
69. The Pool (33/3) [David Fear/GERALD PEARY/Richard Porton]
71. State Legislature (32/3) [Saul Austerlitz; Nick Pinkerton; Nicolas Rapold]
72. In Bruges (31/4) [Jürgen Fauth; Robert Horton; Gerald Peary; Kim Voynar]
73. Fengming: A Chinese Memoir (31/3) [Richard Brody; Robert Koehler; Richard Porton]
73. The Other Half (31/3) [Richard Brody; Bérénice Reynaud; David Walsh]
75. The Band's Visit (30/3) [Saul Austerlitz; David D'Arcy; Jonathan Rosenbaum]
75. Frost/Nixon (30/3) [Cheryl Eddy; Joshua Rothkopf; Chuck Wilson]
77. Love Songs (29/4) [Mark Asch; Jürgen Fauth; Liz Helfgott; Andrea Picard]
78. Opera Jawa (29/3) [Tom Charity; Kevin Lee; Jonathan Rosenbaum]
79. Cadillac Records (27/3) [Charles Taylor; Matthew Wilder; Stephanie Zacharek]
80. JCVD (26/3) [Jason Anderson; Cynthia Fuchs; Amy Monaghan]
80. Redbelt (26/3) [Geoffrey O'Brien; Nicolas Rapold; David Sterritt]
80. Stuck (26/3) [Laura Kern; Nathan Rabin; Scott Tobias]
83. Savage Grace (26/2) [SAM ADAMS; Gary Kramer]
84. Funny Games (25/3) [Mike D'Angelo; Peter Keough; Scott Tobias]
85. Tropic Thunder (25/3) [David D'Arcy; Eric Kohn; Joshua Land]
86. My Blueberry Nights (24/3) [Michael Atkinson; Charles Taylor; Matthew Wilder]
87. Snow Angels (22/3) [Susan Gerhard; Brandon Harris; Kristi Mitsuda]
88. Married Life (22/2) [Robert Horton; David Sterritt]
88. Of Time and the City (22/2) [Ray Pride; Vadim Rizov]
90. Pineapple Express (20/3) [Saul Austerlitz; Peter Keough; Brian Miller]
91. Battle for Haditha (20/2) [David Poland; David Walsh]
92. Mad Detective (19/2) [Mark Asch; Grady Hendrix]
92. Mukhsin (19/2) [Ed Gonzalez; Michael Sicinski]
94. Revolutionary Road (18/2) [Jeannette Catsoulis; Chuck Wilson]
94. Speed Racer (18/2) [Sam Adams; Jürgen Fauth]
96. Operation Filmmaker (17/2) [John Anderson; Nathan Rabin]
97. I Served the King of England (16/2) [Andrew Grant; Mark Jenkins]
98. Dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father (15/2) [Nick Schager; Matt Singer]
99. Sparrow (15/1) [GRADY HENDRIX]
100. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (14/1) [Saul Austerlitz]
100. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (14/1) [Eric Hynes]
102. Doubt (13/2) [Peter Brunette; Matt Singer]
102. Heartbeat Detector (13/2) [Robert Davis; Andrew O'Hehir]
102. Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (13/2) [David D'Arcy; Eric Kohn]
105. At the Death House Door (13/1) [J.R. Jones]
105. Ghost Town (13/1) [Stephanie Zacharek]
105. Jellyfish (13/1) [Gary Kramer]
105. OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (13/1) [Brian Miller]
105. Tokyo Gore Police (13/1) [Grady Hendrix]
110. Eden (12/1) [Eric Kohn]
110. The Fall (12/1) [Joshua Rothkopf]
110. The Man From London (12/1) [Michael Joshua Rowin]
110. United Red Army (12/1) [Grady Hendrix]
114. Paraguayan Hammock (11/2) [Richard Brody; Gary Kramer]
115. Baghead (11/1) [David D'Arcy]
115. Blindness (11/1) [Sam Adams]
115. Funky Forest: The First Contact (11/1) [Andrew Grant]
115. Love Exposure (11/1) [Grady Hendrix]
115. The Mother of Tears (11/1) [Nathan Lee]
115. Summer Hours (11/1) [Graham Fuller]
121. Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness (10/1) [Karina Longworth]
121. Definitely, Maybe (10/1) [Nick Pinkerton]
121. The Foot Fist Way (10/1) [Nick Pinkerton]
121. It's a Free World... (10/1) [David Walsh]
121. My Brother Is an Only Child (10/1) [Nick Pinkerton]
121. Nerakhoon (The Betrayal) (10/1) [Cynthia Fuchs]
121. Viva (10/1) [Cheryl Eddy]
128. Alice's House (9/1) [Gary Kramer]
128. Appaloosa (9/1) [Tom Charity]
128. The Bank Job (9/1) [Bilge Ebiri]
128. The Brothers Bloom (9/1) [Mike D'Angelo, who submitted his ballot the day before this film was pushed to Spring 2009]
128. Cassandra's Dream (9/1) [Richard Brody]
128. A Girl Cut in Two (9/1) [Matthew Wilder]
128. I've Loved You So Long (9/1) [Peter Brunette]
128. The Lucky Ones (9/1) [Jonathan Rosenbaum]
128. Surfwise (9/1) [Noel Murray]
128. STRANDED: I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains (9/1) [Laura Kern]
128. Times and Winds (9/1) [Daryl Chin]
128. XXY (9/1) [Tom Hall]
140. Chicago 10 (8/1) [Bilge Ebiri]
140. Chris & Don: A Love Story (8/1) [Nick Schager]
140. Mongol (8/1) [Graham Fuller]
140. Priceless (8/1) [Robert Horton]
140. Taking Father Home (8/1) [Kevin Lee]
140. Tearoom (8/1) [Daryl Chin]
140. Timecrimes (8/1) [Laura Kern]
140. Transsiberian (8/1) [Donna Bowman]
140. You Don't Mess With the Zohan (8/1) [Michael Joshua Rowin]
149. Elegy (7/1) [Michael Joshua Rowin]
149. George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (7/1) [Chuck Wilson]
149. The Gits (7/1) [Charles Taylor]
149. Liberty Kid (7/1) [Bilge Ebiri]
149. Not Quite Hollywood (7/1) [Grady Hendrix]
149. The Quantum of Solace (7/1) [Phillip Lopate]
149. Slingshot (7/1) [Andrea Picard]
156. The Chaser (6/1) [Grady Hendrix]
156. Forever (6/1) [Robert Horton]
156. The Strangers (6/1) [Nick Schager]
156. Theater of War (6/1) [Nathan Lee]
156. Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell (6/1) [Michael Tully]
156. Wonderful Town (6/1) [Daryl Chin]
162. Adam Resurrected (5/1) [Kim Voynar]
162. August Evening (5/1) [Nick Schager]
162. Death Race (5/1) [Nathan Lee]
162. The House Bunny (5/1) [Melissa Anderson]
162. Iron Man (5/1) [Stephanie Zacharek]
162. Lakeview Terrace (5/1) [J.R. Jones]
162. Martyrs (5/1) [Grady Hendrix]
162. Step Brothers (5/1) [R. Emmet Sweeney]
162. Take Out (5/1) [Michael Tully]
162. Water Lilies (5/1) [Laura Kern]


Anonymous said...

That "Stuck" has more points than "Funny Games" is just the beginning of what's wrong with these results... I guess an off-year brings with it off-opinions.

Matt Noller said...

I'ma guess the Ballast/Synecdoche thing probably has something to do with people so strongly identifying Kaufman as the auteur behind Adaptation of John Malkovich's Spotless Mind that Synecdoche doesn't really "feel" like his first film.

steevee said...

wtf, anon? FUNNY GAMES is ahead of STUCK now, with 1 more voter.

Anonymous said...

actually, the possibility of STUCK being ahead of FUNNY GAMES (however it turns out) is precisely why this poll is awesome. It also is a quite sane opinion if one has seen the Austrian FUNNY GAMES and so was underwhelmed by the new film's redundancy. STUCK is an excellent semicomic crime-genre film with just a few flaws (basically apart from the three or four main characters, the acting is poor) that keep it from greatness.

Anonymous said...

Heh - Stuck and Funny Games tied in the end.

I'm a little surprised that Boy A could score in the top fifty without getting Andrew Garfield in there for leading performance. I wonder where he ranked in the end.

Anonymous said...

Mike, this is a huge amount of work. Thank you for taking the time! (Snowed in or something?) Too bad iW doesn't have a fully hyper-linked set of pages like the Sight & Sound poll. Sheesh.

md'a said...

I'm at my parents' house in CA for two weeks, which is more or less the same as being snowed in.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Grady Hendrix's ballot pretty much threw out the eligibility requirements altogether? It's pretty much all the cool Asian shit he's seen this year, plus Synecdoche and (bizarrely) Slumdog? Other folks screwed up here and there, like thinking that weekend runs of Fengming or State Legislature counted, but that's a reasonable enough error. But had I known I could just ignore the rules and turn in 10 of anything, I'd have sent in an all-avant ballot. Why the fuck not?

md'a said...

Ideally, someone at iW would be vetting ballots as they're submitted and would inform people that they've voted for something ineligible. But they didn't even respond to my request to amend my ballot after The Brothers Bloom was pushed into '09 at the eleventh hour. (If they had, Chicago 10 would have had two votes instead of one.) Seems like they're content to just let the software handle everything at this point. They even recycled last year's intro, for the most part.

(Speaking of which, said intro claims that VV/LAW are conducting their own redundant poll again, but is that actually happening or is that sentence just part of the recycle? If they are doing it, (a) they're running pretty late (by past standards) and (b) they've booted me from the roster.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Voice/L.A. Weekly poll is happening (happened). I wouldn't call it redundant, but the results aren't surprising: http://www.laweekly.com/2009-01-01/film-tv/film-poll-2008-wall-e-world/

Anonymous said...

Yep. Apparently we *were* dropped from the rolls, Mike.

md'a said...

A lot of people were, apparently. I actually can't find anything but J-Ho's intro at the moment, but it says there were 81 ballots; last year there were 102. Anything that makes the two polls less pointlessly identical is okay by me, though the "original" Voice poll (which is now the iW poll) will always be the "real" one as far as I'm concerned.

Nictate said...

Thanks for compiling this list, MD'A. It's a great resource for catching up on semi-obscure films.

Your Las Vegas Weekly review of Doubt was spot on (although I was one of the ones knocked out by Viola Davis's quiet desperation).

This line in your review cracked me up, because it's so true: "...in spite of strenuous and rather florid attempts at cinematic expressionism (mostly involving Dutch angles and symbolic weather patterns)."

I had to shake my head at the heavy-handed weather punctuation/foreshadowing and JPS shooting up the noses of Sister James and the Father in the church yard. What the hell?

But on the theater experience tip, it was as pristine and perfectly pressed as those nun's habits.

md'a said...
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md'a said...

As far as I can tell, VV/LAW now only reveals the top ten films plus the top three in the other categories, with no way to view individual ballots. Thereby making it utterly useless, at least to me.