22 September 2009

Skandies: Best Performances of the Decade, #20

Aurélien Recoing, Time Out
originally placed: #4, Actor, 2002.


Theo said...

Can a motherfucker ask why you picked this particular scene? He doesn't seem to do much except walk around and grin sheepishly. (The performance itself is awesome, obviously.)

Victor Morton said...

If I guess "because it had no need for subtitles," do I win a prize.

Also, I do think it does illustrates both one of the film's themes and how Recoing acts his way into it.

md'a said...

Victor is correct on both counts. I will be avoiding dialogue scenes for foreign-language performances, but I also think it's nuts to say that Recoing "doesn't seem to do much" here. Plenty of great acting going on, and his expression is often far from sheepish.