07 February 2010

Skandies: #14

Picture: In the Loop (69/7)
Director: Antonio Campos, Afterschool (86/7)
Actress: Saoirse Ronan, The Lovely Bones (60/6)
Actor: Patton Oswalt, Big Fan (83/8)
S. Actor: Michael Fassbender, Inglourious Basterds (65/9)
S. Actress: Ursula Strauss, Revanche (82/9)
Screenplay: Aude Py and Erick Zonca, Julia (67/8)
Scene: Guggenheim gunfight, The International (60/6)

[Slightly squeezed, for some reason.]

sk14 from Daniel Gemko on Vimeo.


Afterschool is Campos' first feature.

Saoirse Ronan previously placed 7th in Supporting for Atonement. All other actors are new.

Zonca's screenplay for The Dreamlife of Angels (1999) came in at #15. Py has no other Skandie-eligible credits.


Gilidor said...

Haven't seen THE INTERNATIONAL, but that shoot-out scene is tremendous! Is the rest of the flick worth seeing too?

md'a said...

My Twitter review was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzGUGGENHEIM!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Gilidor said...

Heh! So I guess I've seen the best part already, thanks.

Nictate said...

Damn, OK. The Guggenheim hype was warranted. I wonder if the DVD has a "making of" for that scene. I'd love to see how they pulled it off. That cell phone ring tone moment was a clever comic touch.

Hurrah for Fassbender, an uncommonly talented bloke, and the wickedly funny JULIA scribes.

bentclouds said...

I'm part of a small but vocal minority that thinks THE INTERNATIONAL is pretty darn good even in the moments where bullets are not fucking shit up at the Guggenheim. I probably should have given Tykwer more directing points than I did because he really does a hell of a job with a pretty awful screenplay.

Bilge said...

Yeah, THE INTERNATIONAL is a great example of exceptional directing rising above shitty screenwriting, and I think it's a pretty entertaining flick.

I did, however, forget to give points to the Guggenheim sequence. [Hangs head in shame]