15 February 2010

Skandies: #6

Picture: Hunger (148/11)
Director: Claire Denis, 35 Shots of Rum (122/11)
Actress: Abbie Cornish, Bright Star (151/14)
Actor: Johannes Krisch, Revanche (142/13)
S. Actor: Fred Melamed, A Serious Man (133/10)
S. Actress: Alycia Delmore, Humpday (127/11)
Screenplay: Olivier Assayas, Summer Hours (168/16)
Scene: Expectations | Reality, (500) Days of Summer (92/10)

sk6 from Daniel Gemko on Vimeo.


Denis previously placed 4th in 2000 for Beau travail, 13th in 2002 for Trouble Every Day, and 11th in 2003 for Friday Night.

All four actors are new.

Assayas's script for Irma Vep also placed 6th back in 1997.


Interloper said...

Is it poignant and pathetic that I went to bed last night wondering about Hunger, Sy Abelman, and the Skandies? Best Christmas morning ever!

Michael said...

You know, Nictate, operating under assumed names will only make matters worse.

Where is Mike Leigh, Director of Career Girls. Where.

Joshua said...

I would say Mike Leigh, Director of Career Girls, can be found somewhere below the top 20 in 1997.

Seriously, though, I don't get Michael's comment; Leigh didn't release a movie in 2009, so I assume this is some sort of cryptic reference, and maybe even a joke.

Nictate said...

Haha. Good one, Michael.

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in indulging in some Skandies gushing. Thanks for having my back, Interloper.

This *is* an amazing line-up at #6. Christmas morning, indeed.

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