01 February 2011

Skandies: #19

Picture: White Material (58/5)
Director: Claire Denis, White Material (66/8)
Actress: Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right (57/5)
Actor: CiarĂ¡n Hinds, Life During Wartime (46/5)
S. Actor: Ewan McGregor, I Love You Phillip Morris (54/5)
S. Actress: Dianne Wiest, Rabbit Hole (49/7)
Screenplay: Michael Bacall & Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (57/5)
Scene: The Tale of the Three Brothers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (37/4)

[Cam quality, sorry. I lent someone my screener.]

sk19 from Daniel Gemko on Vimeo.


Denis placed 6th last year for 35 Shots of Rum. Additionally, she placed 4th in 2000 for Beau travail, 13th in 2002 for Trouble Every Day, and 11th in 2003 for Friday Night.

Julianne Moore makes her ninth appearance in the top 20 (tied for second place; Philip Seymour Hoffman has the most with 13)—not even counting her victory for Safe in 1995, the Skandies' inaugural year, which had an Oscar-style methodology.

#3s: Boogie Nights (1997)
#13s: The Big Lebowski (1998)
#11: The End of the Affair (1999)
#8s: Magnolia (1999)
#15s: An Ideal Husband (1999)
#1: Far From Heaven (2002)
#19: Savage Grace (2008)
#15s: A Single Man (2009)

It's McGregor's fourth nod, and his first in seven years; he previously placed 10th, 11th and 13th in the lead category for Trainspotting (1996), Moulin Rouge! (2001) and Down With Love (2003), respectively. Hinds and, somewhat surprisingly, Wiest are new.

Wright placed in Screenplay for both of his previous films, albeit with Simon Pegg as a partner rather than Michael Bacall (whose only other credit of note is Manic): 16th for Shaun of the Dead in 2004 and 20th for Hot Fuzz in 2007.


Andrew Dignan said...

Question for those who've seen the new Harry Potter film (or read the last book), which I gather is the entire free world other than myself:

How relevant is that sequence to the actual plot of the film?

Don't get me wrong, it's kind of lovely and it's the first thing I've seen associated with the film that actually makes me want to see it, but watching it now for the first time, it looks to be a three minute long dramatization of a fable which may or may not have a tenuous connection to the travails of the characters. Or put another way, I think I now get how they managed to split the book into two films.

md'a said...

It's quasi-relevant. Introduces objects the heroes need to recover in the final chapter, I think? The plot of these movies (never read the books) has always put me to sleep.

I can assure you this is easily the best part of the film.

Michael said...

Yes, those are the three deathly hallows, and they need to get them back. (Never mind those pesky horcruxes....) But could that information have been imparted without a mini-Lotte Reiniger DJ break? Well, sure.

bentclouds said...

I didn't vote for that HARRY POTTER sequence (or anything else from this post) but it is very striking indeed. I wish more exposition from this series had been handled with such visual invention.

witherholly said...

This better be the last time for Rabbit Hole. DW was no more awful than the rest of the cast, except for Eckhard.

GlenH said...

Does anyone know who directed/animated that HP sequence and if they have any shorts or features of their own?

bentclouds said...
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bentclouds said...

According to a website called CartoonBrew, it was directed and designed by Ben Hibon who produced it in association with Framestore. Probably a work for hire type position similar to main titles where they shop a film out to a bunch of production companies and find one with an interesting reel/idea of how to produce it.

He also made this short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXoeT0W1waA

Nick Duval said...

White Material is the shit. Hooray for its inclusion.

Glad to see Scott Pilgrim's screenplay on here, as well as Julianne Moore, who did a very solid job.

Bilge Ebiri said...

Argh. I am kicking myself for forgetting about the Harry Potter scene. Probably would have been another 10 points or so from me.

GlenH said...

@Jason, thank you!