15 February 2011

Skandies: #5

Picture: Mother (143/14)
Director: Olivier Assayas, Carlos (199/17)
Actress: Julie Sokolowski, Hadewijch (218/18)
Actor: Jeff Bridges, True Grit (151/16)
S. Actor: Filippo Timi, Vincere (138/11)
S. Actress: Mila Kunis, Black Swan (159/17)
Screenplay: Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain and Chris Morris, Four Lions (165/17)
Scene: Backseat murder attempt, Let Me In (76/6)

[Kinda cool that both Let the Right One In and its American remake placed a scene in the top five, and not only is it not the same scene but in this case it's arguably the scene from the original that's been most radically re-envisioned.]

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Assayas placed 6th in 1997 for Irma Vep, 14th in 2003 for demonlover, and 5th last year for Summer Hours.

In addition to winning Best Actor for The Big Lebowski in 1998, Bridges previously finished 7th for the largely-forgotten (at least by me) The Door in the Floor (2004) and way down at #16 last year for his Oscar-winning performance in Crazy Heart, plus a #11 Supporting nod for The Contender (2000). The other three actors are all new.

Of the Four Lions crew, only Armstrong has placed previously, for In the Loop (#2 last year).


witherholly said...

By far my favorite one sheet so far. She could be saying "Listen, Eggroll," but it's so much more. The haters will come around, but a truer work of art will not be found. Precise and goofy and kinetic as hell.

Robert Fuller said...

"way down at #16 last year for his Oscar-winning performance in Crazy Heart"

Which is, well, crazy. Especially considering some of the performances that ranked higher.

Between True Heart and Crazy Grit, I don't think I've seen better performances the past two years (maybe some that are as good).

witherholly said...

I cleared out all the hate.