12 August 2011

That's all, folks. UPDATED: (Maybe.)

Looks like there just wasn't that much interest in these entries. A whopping 11 people had contributed so far this month, and while some of them were quite generous, that just isn't enough of a response to keep motivating me to do this. So I'm shutting it down. All donations since 1 August have been refunded. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped out a couple of months ago, when I really did desperately need the money; you're all swell. And my apologies to the tiny handful of you who'll be disappointed.

UPDATE, AN HOUR LATER: Okay, some crazy person out there—a total stranger, as far as I know—just sent me $100 and the comment "Keep it going, sir!" It's not really about the money, though. That's just a way for folks to indicate that they give a damn whether I'm doing this or not. I'd much rather receive $2 each month from 50 people than $200 each month from one devoted (and wealthy?) fan. Pain in the ass though it is, you're better off sending me a small amount every four weeks than a large amount meant to cover you for half a year or more. I can't keep track of who's "prepaying" vs. who's just being generous, so when nothing much comes in, as was the case this month, I just assume people don't much care. And then I ask myself why I'm bothering, and then, well, I stop bothering.

In honor of this crazy dude's grand gesture, I'll keep it going for the rest of this month. Beyond that, though, it depends more on the number of donations, however small, than on the sum received. It's mostly a symbolic payment.

(BY THE WAY, capsules have indeed resumed below, just in case you didn't see them. I'm just keeping this here for the moment so nobody gets confused.)


Anonymous said...

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Atli Sig said...

What anonymous said. Will you still be tweeting about the films you see?

Russ said...

Mike, FYI... I just donated about two minutes ago. Then I came here and saw your comments.

I've been away from the internet (on vacation, cabin-in-the-woods kind of thing) for the past week or I would have donated on the 10th. (I have a reminder that pops up on the 10th of each month.) Seems unlikely you'd have come to a different decision if you'd had 12 donations rather than 11, but whatever. I suspect the support for these mini-reviews is more ardent than the (lack of) donations would indicate.

People should set reminders for themselves if it's important to them, so as not to inadvertently leave the wrong impression.

Thanks for reconsidering.

Nictate said...

I'm sure 90% of the flakiness is due to life-related distractions vs. not appreciating your screening log.

Since I'd forget to pay my electricity bill unless a little slip of paper came in the mail each month, I'd suggest making this an annual payment plan. Each person could decide how much they'd be willing to spend on a year's worth of reading and pay that amount in one lump sum. Seems like it'd be easier to remember one annual contribution than multiple payments through the year. Kind of like paying a membership to a public radio station.

I see this contribution as not only as funding for your current screening log but as a thank you for all the years you've provided great writing on your site and blog, not to mention the Skandies.

Anonymous said...

You've been revisiting a lot of films lately, including Tony Scott's. I watched The Hunger recently, and would give it a 63 (lukewarm **1/2). Chalk it up to subject matter.

Planning on revisiting EotS as well? I quite enjoyed that one, and think it might even sport some edge over Crimson Tide, and a lot of other movies. Mr. Scott actually even has Lisa Fucking Hippie Bohemian Bonet sort of tolerable there (while the rest of the movie has sly but not unfounded or uncontrolled mockery of her on its agenda, LOL) which is no small feat considering the rest of her resume (ugh, imo). No film that pays such understated, modestly respectful, but non-lip service homage to Peckinpah's masterful The Wild Bunch can be a real loser either.

htfernandes said...

I'm the $100 crazy dude.

What Nictate said. Thanks for the tons of previous stuff and for what is yet to come.

Litmus said...

also wasn't around in the summer. yeah august may not be the best month for trial runs of shiny internet thingys.