09 February 2012

Skandies: #10

One-sheet changed by popular demand. Though I don't like this one either.

Picture: Martha Marcy May Marlene (104/12)
Director: Sean Durkin, Martha Marcy May Marlene (107/11)
Actress: Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids (118/14)
Actor: Woody Harrelson, Rampart (89/8)
S. Actor: John Hawkes, Martha Marcy May Marlene (105/11)
S. Actress: Vanessa Redgrave, Coriolanus (110/8)
Screenplay: Mike Mills, Beginners (65/7)
Scene: Opening getaway, Drive (77/7)

(The sound kicks in after about 10 seconds.)


Martha Marcy May Marlene is Durkin's first feature.

Harrelson makes his first appearance since placing 6th for The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996). Hawkes won Supporting Actor just last year for Winter's Bone. Wiig and the mighty Redgrave are new.

Mills' screenplay for Thumbsucker somehow placed 19th in 2005.


Don Marks said...

Agreed on the laziness of the one-sheet. At least it's not as bad as the one with the overlaid QR code, which I find inexplicable.

You don't like the one with the overlapping faces?

Zack said...

Wow, I am honestly surprised this film, director, and scene didn't rank higher. Not that Top 10 is for nothin', but geez...

dd said...

Holy crap, thanks for posting that one-sheet, Don. It's fantastic.

dd said...

(Well, I'm not totally sold on the typeface treatment, to be fair. But as an image, stunning, even if it doesn't really reflect the aesthetic of the film.)

Ryan said...

I move for the Chairman to replace the pedestrian one-sheet currently sitting atop this post with the much more evocative image linked by Don.

Jeff said...

I second that emotion.

md'a said...

You don't like the one with the overlapping faces?

Not really. Concept is strong, but I find it poorly executed; Olsen's two profiles create this ugly, bulbous shape at the center that steals my focus every time I look at it.

thanksbud said...

This movie's stupid.

Nictate said...

I second that emotion.

Nictate said...

Eeesh. The Blu-ray cover art for MMMM is the worst.