11 February 2012

Skandies: #8

Picture: Meek's Cutoff (137/14)
Director: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (134/17)
Actress: Michelle Williams, Meek's Cutoff (129/15) [tie for #7]
Actor: Mimi Branescu, Tuesday, After Christmas (105/12)
S. Actor: Chris New, Weekend (121/10)
S. Actress: Jessica Chastain, The Tree of Life (133/12)
Screenplay: Lars von Trier, Melancholia (78/8)
Scene: Dueling Michael Caines, The Trip (88/10)


Joe previously placed 14th for Blissfully Yours (2004), 5th for Tropical Malady (2005), and 8th again for Syndromes and a Century (2007).

Williams makes her fifth appearance; her previous nods in the lead category were for Wendy and Lucy (#4, 2008) and Blue Valentine (#9, 2010), while she also placed 2nd and 14th in Supporting for Brokeback Mountain (2005) and Shutter Island (2010), respectively. Branescu and Chastain are new, and New doubly so.

Von Trier's screenplays for Breaking the Waves (#6, 1996), Dogville (#3, 2004), Manderlay (#18, 2006), The Boss of It All (#19, 2007) were all well received. Not so much The Idiots, Dancer in the Dark (despite the film itself finishing 10th) or Antichrist.


Nictate said...

Predicting the next five:

House of Pleasures, Melancholia, A Separation, Certified Copy, Drive

Jeff said...

For the sake of non-twatters, I am posting Swami Malade's top ten predictions here.

"(in reverse order): Boonmee, Meek, MMMM, Melancholia, Drive, Pleasures, Margaret, Copy, Tree, Separation."

I will note that he got the films, but not the order, for 10-8 right. Personally I would very much like to see HOUSE OF PLEASURES place above MELANCHOLIA (good part 2, shitty part 1, nice opening) or DRIVE (pandering, nice opening, gay).

Victor Morton said...

hmm ... we (collectively) preferred Chris New to Tom Cullen in WEEKEND. Must be the first such group.