29 January 2013

Skandies: #19

Picture: Lincoln (48/6)
Director: Ang Lee, Life of Pi (41/4)
Actress: Chiara Mastroianni, Beloved (48/3)
Actor: Channing Tatum, Magic Mike (53/6)
S. Actor: Bidzina Gujabidze, The Loneliest Planet (61/6)
S. Actress: Frances McDormand, Promised Land (49/5)
Screenplay: Skip Hollandsworth and Richard Linklater, Bernie (64/9)
Scene: "Ladies of Tampa," Magic Mike (48/3)

sk19 from Daniel Gemko on Vimeo.

[Sync is slightly off, sorry. Also, I let the scene continue into Dallas' subsequent routine to a different song, because if people were really just voting for his rendition of "Ladies of Tampa" then I don't know what.]


Ang Lee is a previous Skandie winner for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). He also placed 12th in 1997 for The Ice Storm and 6th in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain.

Of the actors, only McDormand has previously placed. This is her sixth appearance (and third non-Coen nod), with all but Fargo (#3, 1996) in Supporting. The others: Almost Famous (#4s, 2000), Wonder Boys (#17s, 2000), The Man Who Wasn't There (#8s, 2001), and Burn After Reading (#17s, 2008).

Skip Hollandsworth has no previous feature film credits, but Linklater previously placed 2nd in 2004 for co-writing Before Sunset and 9th in 2006 for his adaptation of A Scanner Darkly.


Jeff said...

"Ladies of Tampa" deserved better, but I am glad to see it (I'll be annoyed if "It's Raining Men" bests it).

Good job two other Chiara voters. Hard to believe she had never placed.

Ryan said...

"Ladies of Tampa" was by far the best thing in this movie. And dammit, I forgot to toss 5 fanboy points to Chiara. Good job getting her in the top 20.

Jeff said...

Just skulked around Letterboxd for reax to BELOVED and some reviewer named "Preston" writes this: "(Paul Schneider is turning out to be a problem)"!!! Oy vey.

I was planning to use Letterboxd this year to log what I see at the very least, but if people like "Preston" are the norm on that sight, I am not sure.

Private Joker said...

Pleasantly surprised to see LINCOLN so low here. Only 6 voters put it on their ballot, it appears, so perhaps I overestimated the number of those who slurped it up unabashedly. I thought it was a lock for top 10.

Theo said...

I heard where this "Preston" fella gave Chiara some points, though (albeit in Most Supportive). I think you and "Preston" have a lot in common, Jeff McCloud.

Paul Schneider is nuts. And not in a good way.