03 February 2013

Skandies: #14

Picture: Looper (72/8)
Director: Rian Johnson, Looper (74/9)
Actress: Lola Créton, Goodbye First Love (95/10)
Actor: Guy Pearce, Lockout (65/9)
S. Actor: Edward Norton, Moonrise Kingdom (77/9)
S. Actress: Sarah Gadon, Cosmopolis (64/6)
Screenplay: Don Hertzfeldt, It's Such a Beautiful Day (82/8)
Scene: C-section, Prometheus (54/7)

[You've all seen this, so here's a cruddy YouTube version in the wrong aspect ratio that'll save me the downloading trouble.]


Johnson previously placed 8th for Brick in 2006.

Norton is the big veteran today, getting his eighth career Skandies nod. The roll call:

1s. The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
2s. Primal Fear (1996)
4. Fight Club (1999)
6. 25th Hour (2002)
9. American History X (1998)
10. Down in the Valley (2006)
13s. Rounders (1998)
14s. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Pearce makes his first appearance in over a decade, having previously placed 10th in 1997 for L.A. Confidential and 6th in 2001 for Memento. Both women are new.

It's Such a Beautiful Day is Hertzfeldt's "feature debut" (sort of).


Michael said...

Someone should comment here.

Looper is a good movie.

Victor said...

It's better than its placement and am somewhat surprised it finished this low. It seems like something in the AVB Wheelhouse.

Jeff said...

In a year this strong, I could not find room for it unfortunately.