11 February 2013

Skandies: #6

Picture: Amour (161/14)
Director: Michael Haneke, Amour (169/14)
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook (205/17)
Actor: Thure Lindhardt, Keep the Lights On (112/10)
S. Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Killer Joe (164/15)
S. Actress: Shirley MacLaine, Bernie (127/10)
Screenplay: Leos Carax, Holy Motors (156/14)
Scene: System purge, The Cabin in the Woods (102/9)

[NOTE: Though not shown in the YouTube clip above, I included points allotted specifically to the elevator descent that precedes the carnage.]


This is Haneke's sixth appearance in Best Director. (Only Soderbergh and the Coens have more, seven and eight respectively.) He previously placed 13th for Funny Games (1998), 12th for Code Unknown (2001), 14th for The Piano Teacher (2002), 2nd for Caché (Hidden) (2005), and 18th for the Funny Games remake (2008). We did not care for The White Ribbon. (Good job us.)

Ms. Lawrence won Actress two years ago for Winter's Bone. McConaughey gets his second nod this year, having already placed 12th in the same category for Bernie. Lindhardt and MacLaine are new.

Carax's screenplay for Pola X did not place, and he likewise got no love for writing a third of Tokyo!

Nominee post will be up sometime this afternoon.


Michael said...

I have to admit, I fucking love that scene. Systems are doin' it for themselves!

Mike Lee, director of Career Girls said...

"I'm not convinced that Lindhardt is out of it. McConaughey could very well end up in supporting, eponymous character notwithstanding."

At least I nailed that one.

Jeff said...

Wow. McConaughey is (hopefully) gonna place three times in supporting actor. A record?

Good job, Mike Lee, director of Career Girls. You amaze.

md'a said...

I'd have to check but I don't believe anyone has ever placed three times in the same category in the same year. Julianne Moore had three nods in multiple categories in 1999 (might be other instances; that one I remember).

Private Joker said...

We did not care for The White Ribbon. (Good job us.)

We also apparently did not care for Time of the Wolf. (Bad job us).

dd said...

I didn't consider that scene from CABIN on account of misremembering it as being over 20 minutes long. Actually can't believe that much anarchy is compressed into 5 minutes. (Although YouTube also does wonders for hiding the dodginess of some of those effects.)

Jason said...

I'm glad other people voted for this scene so I didn't have to use one of my precious scene votes on it.