29 January 2014

Skandies: #18

Picture: Spring Breakers (74/10)
Director: Park Chan-wook, Stoker (89/9)
Actress: Alice Lowe, Sightseers (58/6)
Actor: Louis Koo, Drug War (57/7)
S. Actor: Larry Fessenden, All the Light in the Sky (52/3)
S. Actress: Anna Kendrick, Drinking Buddies (52/4)
Screenplay: Abbas Kiarostami, Like Someone in Love (68/8)
Scene: "Everytime," Spring Breakers (58/6)


Park previously placed 13th in 2005 for Oldboy.

Kendrick makes her third appearance in Supporting Actress, having placed 16th for Rocket Science (2007) and 4th for Up in the Air (2009). The other three are all new. Nice to see Fessenden get some recognition at long last.

Kiarostami's screenplays for Crimson Gold (2004) and Certified Copy (2011) came in at #12 and #3, respectively. Earlier films like Taste of Cherry and The Wind Will Carry Us were ignored in this category, despite faring well in Picture and Director.


graig gilkeson said...

So I guess this means I need to see DRUG WAR.

Dan Sallitt said...

If I hadn't forgotten to do Skandies research on DRINKING BUDDIES, Anna Kendrick would have placed higher.

Theo said...

I know Mike hates to hear this, but I might've voted Kendrick if I hadn't voted Ron Livingston and been seized by a spread-the-wealth impulse. Yeah I know, vote with your heart, whatnot.