14 February 2014

Skandies: #1

Best Picture: Inside Llewyn Davis (274/22)
This is the first time we've concurred with the National Society of Film Critics since There Will Be Blood in 2007. From 1995–2000 our choices were identical four times (Breaking the Waves, Out of Sight, Being John Malkovich, Yi Yi), but only twice since.

Best Director: Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street (268/22)
Skandie history: #5, Kundun (1997); #3, Gangs of New York (2002); #8, The Aviator (2004); #1, The Departed (2006); #6, Shutter Island (2010); #12, Hugo (2011). He joins Atom Egoyan, Lars von Trier, Quentin Tarantino, and Terrence Malick among the two-time Skandie winners for Best Director.

Best Actress: Adèle Exarchopoulos, Blue Is the Warmest Color (433/33)
Skandie history: None

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street (421/27)
Skandie history: #9, The Aviator (2004); #2, The Departed (2006); #8, Shutter Island (2010); #8s, Django Unchained (2012).

Best Supporting Actor: James Franco, Spring Breakers (345/22)
Skandie history: #13s, Pineapple Express (2008); #15s, Milk (2008); #3, 127 Hours (2010).

Best Supporting Actress: Scarlett Johansson, Her (293/21)
Skandie history: #5s, The Horse Whisperer (1998); #1s, Ghost World (2001); #2, Lost in Translation (2003); #15, Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003); #6s, Match Point (2005). She becomes only the second actress to twice win the Skandies, along with Julianne Moore. And, of course, the first actor of either gender to win for a performance in which (s)he never actually appears onscreen.

Best Screenplay: Richard Linklater & Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke, Before Midnight (393/30)
Skandie history (Linklater only): #9, A Scanner Darkly (2006); #19, Bernie (2012) [with Skip Hollandsworth].
Skandie history (all three): #2, Before Sunset (2004).

Best Scene: When life gives you Lemmons, The Wolf of Wall Street (283/26).

Complete results available here. Thanks to all voters, and especially to Mark Pittillo for programming the automated ballot and maintaining the website. The big post-mortem will be up sometime over the weekend.


Jeff said...

There are a bunch of potential duplicate entries in the Best Scene categories, with Top 20 placement changing in a couple of cases. (I haven't seen Like Someone in Love, so I'm guessing with that one.)

#20 & #108 (Auditioning for Bud / Audition for Bud Grossman)

#8 & #39 (Grandma's voicemails / Listening to voicemails)

#79 & #99 (Pizza with the boys / Jasmine Babysitting)

#76 & #83 (Car Ride to Chicago / Driving Mr. Goodman)

#63 & #70 (Playing house / Burned down house)

#53, #133 & #171 (Final rescue / The boat sinks / the life raft sinks)

#30 & #137 (Anwar's heaving redemption / Anwar's change of heart)

#49 & #145 (Hypnosis / Hypnosis)

md'a said...

In many cases, I'm aware that scenes might be duplicates; I only investigate if the combined points (should they be referring to the same scene) would place it in the top 20. Odds are there are others besides the ones you noticed.

However, the two instances that do affect the top 20 placement appear to be an edit that didn't take, for whatever reason, as they involve the same two straggling voters. I've corrected the results accordingly. Thanks. (Thanks also to Alex Fung, who alerted me to the same issue privately.)

Private Joker said...

Nice. I seem to be more in sync than usual with other Skandie voters -- Exarchopoulos, DiCaprio, and Franco all received the most votes from me in their respective categories.

I would bet, though, I was the only voter to give points to Miles Teller in 21 & Over.

Interloper said...

A bet yuu would lose...the Spectacular wha? 21 and Over proved he is the most likable presence in current American cinema

Anonymous said...

think #26 look at my shit & #41 fellating the gun are dups as well

md'a said...

It was determined that they are not contiguous. One is a continuation of the other, but another scene is interpolated in between.

dd said...

Out of curiosity, any ability to run a report on the movies with the most-nominated scenes? Dunno if that's too hard basket, but I got curious. Looks like this year, maximum was 6 (WOWS, FRANCES, and 12 YEARS), but last year THE MASTER got 9.

There's some sort of Passiondex (albeit not in the conventional sense) to be extracted from the fact that THE COUNSELOR had 5 scenes nominated but didn't place top 20. (Still surprised Ridley didn't get a single vote.)

Private Joker said...

Small typo -- it's Drew Goddard, not Hoddard, in the World War Z script.

Speaking of which, screenplay seems to be where I departed from everyone; I was the only vote for WWZ and for 2 GUNS (et tu, Bilge?) and only one other person joined me for THIS IS THE END. I forgot what good writing is.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Skandiewrap.