08 February 2014

Skandies: #8

Picture: Blue Is the Warmest Color (126/9)
Director: Richard Linklater, Before Midnight (136/16)
Actress: Sandra Bullock, Gravity (125/15)
Actor: Bruce Dern, Nebraska (158/14)
S. Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Mud (94/7)
S. Actress: Mickey Sumner, Frances Ha (135/16)
Screenplay: Asghar Farhadi, The Past (131/11)
Scene: Opening, Gravity (95/10) [defined as the first shot] [tie for #7]


Linklater becomes one of very few directors in Skandie history to place in this category more than five times. (The others: Coens, Soderbergh, Haneke, Scorsese. That's it.) He previously placed 18th for Waking Life (2001), 13th for The School of Rock (2003), 4th for Before Sunset (2004), 19th for A Scanner Darkly (2006), and 20th last year for Bernie. 

McConaughey's stats can be found at #15 below. The other actors are all new—Bullock's Oscar-winning performance in The Blind Side did not make the cut, and Dern's best work predates the survey.

Farhadi won Screenplay two years ago for A Separation. 

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