02 April 2014

Entertainment Weekly, then and now.

Complete film section, issue dated 10 July 1998.

Complete film section, issue dated 4 April 2014.


Mark Asch said...

I'm seeing no ad pages this year and 2 pages of ad buys in 1998 (1 1/3 AFI after Heavenly Creatures; followed by two 1/3 Bic ads with house ads in the remainder space). Anything I'm missing?

God, I can't believe there's a national campaign running in the back of the book. The past is a different country.

Mark Asch said...

... although I guess any ad buy in EW is by default part of national campaign, isn't it. Still a hell of a big brand to end up that far back in the book, though.

md'a said...

I didn't even think about that aspect, to be honest. Was focused more on one review vs. five reviews, and the one-page Olivia de Havilland feature that's primarily text vs. the two-page Jeff Goldblum feature that's more like an infographic, and the fact that back then even the capsule reviews were close to 200 words whereas now they're 50 words. But not being able to sell ad space may well be a factor in that.

Anonymous said...

I've been in a meeting with a newspaper publisher who put it bluntly: "I'd rather have so many ad sales that we have to add pages instead of cut them. I'd rather grow a business than preside over a shrinking one. It's not the reality."