13 February 2015

Skandies: #11

Picture: The Strange Little Cat (86/7)
Director: James Gray, The Immigrant (106/11)
Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Wild (74/10)
Actor: Channing Tatum, Foxcatcher (88/6)
S. Actor: Kristofer Hivju, Force Majeure (60/6)
S. Actress: Rene Russo, Nightcrawler (76/8)
Screenplay: Alain Guiraudie, Stranger by the Lake (94/10)
Scene: Final solo, Whiplash (53/5)


Gray placed a pip higher—10th—for Two Lovers in 2009.

1999 Actress winner Witherspoon (Election) makes her sixth appearance in the top 20; she first turned up in Supporting for Pleasantville (#12s, 1998), and has landed in the lead category once at #6 (Walk the Line, 2005) and twice at #20 (Legally Blonde, 2001; How Do You Know, 2010). Tatum placed 19th two years ago for Magic Mike. Hivju and Russo are new.

I believe Stranger by the Lake is Guiraudie's first Skandie-eligible film. In any case, he's never placed before in any category.


McCloud said...

How are Atli's predictions holding up?

md'a said...

He was way too high on Snowpiercer, Interstellar, and The Immigrant; way too low on The Strange Little Cat and a couple of other movies to be named later. He did get Nymph()maniac Vol. I and Winter Sleep nearly dead on, though.

Blake said...

My work here is done.

Michael said...

Isn't it about time for a visit from the Muse Swami, to take us through the Top Ten?

McCloud said...

I'm curious what the Swami would predict, particularly for 6 through 10. The top 5 or so seems fairly easier to figure out.

Michael said...

I'm notoriously terrible at predictions, but I think the top ten will shake down something like this:

10. Leviathan
9. Stranger by the Lake
8. Stray Dogs
7. Only Lovers Left Alive
6. Force Majeure
5. The Babadook
4. Two Days, One Night
3. Grand Budapest Hotel
2. Boyhood
1. Under The Skin

(Yes, I am calling an upset for Best Picture. In the end, I think Skin will barely edge out Boyhood due to a higher Passiondex. We shall see...)

McCloud said...

Oof. That list confirms my fear that my favorite may not even make the top 20.

Atli Sig said...

Leviathan will not place, I'm sure about that, and I doubt Stray Dogs will place that high. My bets are on Listen up Phillip and Inherent Vice. My prediction for the top 10 now is like this:

10. Inherent Vice
9. Force Majeure
8. Listen Up Phillip
7. Only Lovers Left Alive
6. Stranger By the Lake
5. The Babadook
4. Two Days One Night
3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
2. Boyhood
1. Under the Skin

Atli Sig said...

Oops, just realised I misspelled Philip...

Ryan said...

Good job, wildling.

As for Muse Swami, this stuff is all foggy to me now. I would've lost my left nut betting that Goodbye to Language would place higher than The Strange Little Cat (if my left nut hadn't already been slapped with a bunch of liens).

In any event, my predix:

10. Stray Dogs
09. Stranger By the Lake
08. Only Lovers Left Alive
07. Force Majeure
06. The Babadook
05. Inherent Vice
04. Two Days, One Night
03. Grand Budapest Hotel
02. Under the Skin
01. Boyhood

I think Boyhood passiondexers will cancel out Skin passiondexers, and the former will squeak into first due to broader support.

The mystery is the last slot, which I've currently reserved for Stray Dogs. Could be Leviathan, Lego Movie, or even Edge of Tomorrow, though the latter two seem unlikely given the AVB's diminishing enthusiasm for populist picks. Too bad. Think I preferred it when Skandies results didn't just echo that of Film Comment and Voice/IndieWire.

Ryan said...

Hmmm... Listen Up Philip? Don't see it.

Ryan said...

Last thought: really stunned by the low placement of The Immigrant. Might've been Bilge's microphone on Twitter that threw me off, but I had the strong impression that Gray's period drama was widely beloved.

Just as well. I'm pro on it, but it ranks high among the year's biggest disappointments for me.

Atli Sig said...

Listen up Philip is clearly more loved than you think, I count a number of fans on Crix Pix and Letterboxd. Though, come to think of it, I think I should switch it with Inherent Vice on my list.

McCloud said...

Ok, both of these lists are better looking to me. #TEAMVICE

Ryan said...

Okay, hope you're right about Listen Up Philip, Atli.

McCloud said...

I think I would have liked LISTEN UP PHILIP a ton more. but I was so distracted by the bad grammar in the narration. If not for that it was likely a top pick for me. #D'AngeloEffect

dd said...

And here I thought WE ARE THE BEST! was a top twenty shoo-in.

Atli Sig said...

In a percect world, it would be in the top 10.

md'a said...

Ironically, the film at #10 is going to answer most of these questions, but you'll have to wait another day because I'm interrupting the countdown tomorrow for the Undies results.

wug said...

The Whiplash finale was ridiculous. Anyone watching would think the drummer had freaked out, was showboating and undisciplined, and wouldn't have much of a career afterward.