09 February 2015

Skandies: #15

Picture: Winter Sleep (63/7)
Director: David Fincher, Gone Girl (78/9)
Actress: Jenny Slate, Obvious Child (59/7)
Actor: Bradley Cooper, American Sniper (74/10)
S. Actor: Bill Paxton, Edge of Tomorrow (50/3)
S. Actress: Elena Lyadova, Leviathan (65/9)
Screenplay: Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler (71/9)
Scene: Phone call to Mom, Lucy  (41/4)


Fincher, who won Best Director four years ago for The Social Network, has also previously placed 8th for The Game (1997) and 3rd for both Fight Club (1999) and Zodiac (2007).

Cooper placed 12th in Supporting last year for American Hustle. Paxton makes the top 20 for the first time since squeaking in at #18 (lead category) for A Simple Plan back in 1998. (I confess that this result catches me completely by surprise. For a moment, I couldn't even recall Paxton being in Edge of Tomorrow; he seemed a much more significant presence in Nightcrawler, for which he received no votes at all.) Both women are new.

Gilroy's screenplays for Two for the Money, The Fall, and The Bourne Legacy did not place. (Freejack and Chasers predate the survey.)


Jason said...

>>Scene: Phone call to Mom, Lucy (41/4)>>

Good job three other people. I had last minute pangs of regret after sending my ballot for not allotting this scene more points as I was certain it wasn't going to make the list. Very happy to see it place, now I can just wish it would have placed higher.

Private Joker said...

Yeah I could have allotted it more points too but I still gave it 13, which was 4th-most in my scene list. But then I only gave 5 pts to "yesterday's" scene from BIRD PEOPLE. So far that's three of the first six scenes to place were on my ballot.

Ryan said...

Thank the FYC threads on Twitter for my Lucy scene vote. Almost dropped the ball on that one.

And Fincher's placement here gives me a glimmer of hope that Gone Girl, the worst movie I saw last year, will not place.

goran said...

I haven't had a chance to see Leviathan yet but Lyadova was so effortlessly enthralling in Elena that any mention of her anywhere still sets my heart racing.