18 February 2015

Skandies: #7

Picture: Inherent Vice (120/11)
Director: Ruben Östlund, Force Majeure (129/14)
Actress: Tilda Swinton, Only Lovers Left Alive (109/13)
Actor: Dan Stevens, The Guest (105/11)
S. Actor: Tyler Perry, Gone Girl (139/12)
S. Actress: Carrie Coon, Gone Girl (108/11)
Screenplay: Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl (131/12)
Scene: Final scene, The Immigrant (62/9)

(NOTE: I combined all votes for the final scene, which was usually described as Bruno's confession, and the final shot alone.)


Force Majeure is Östlund's first Skandie-eligible film.

Swinton...eh, later on. (11 career appearances to date; a twelfth would—okay, will—tie her with Isabelle Huppert for 2nd place, all time.) The actors are all new (and Tyler Perry ties Emmanuelle Seigner as the actor I would have been least likely to predict would ever place).

Gone Girl is Flynn's first screenplay.

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Jason said...

S. Actress: Carrie Coon, Gone Girl (108/11)

I'm totally baffled by this one.