19 February 2016

Skandies: #2

Picture: Carol (254/22)
Director: Todd Haynes, Carol (275/24)
Actress: Nina Hoss, Phoenix (280/22)
Actor: Josh Lucas, The Mend (203/16)
S. Actor: Benicio Del Toro, Sicario (163/13)
S. Actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight (191/17)
Screenplay: Olivier Assayas, Clouds of Sils Maria (170/16)
Scene: Donnie vs. Leo (single shot), Creed (123/13)

Best I can do is a NYT clip in which Coogler provides commentary on top of the first three minutes.


Haynes came in 2nd for Far From Heaven (2002) as well, losing that year to Spike Lee. He also placed 7th for I'm Not There (2007).

Del Toro is a previous Skandie winner in Supporting (for Traffic, 2000); he's also placed in that category at #10 (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998) and #13 (21 Grams, 2003), and squeaked into the lead category at #19 for Che (2008). Hoss' performance in Petzold's previous film, Barbara (2012), landed her at #10. (Note that only three points separate her and Mara; Actress was by far the closest race this year.) Leigh's history can be found below at #6. Lucas is new.

Assayas' screenplays for Irma Vep (1997) and Summer Hours (2009) both placed at #6. He also placed 8th in this category for Carlos: A Movie That Creepy Greek Somehow Still Hasn't Seen (2010, co-written with Dan Franck)


Matthew B. said...

Oh, well.

Ryan said...

Alas, our combined forces--two 30 point bombs--had absolutely no effect on Carol's ranking.

Maybe my mega-point bomb for Carol in the decade survey will make a difference.

Unknown said...

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