06 February 2017

Skandies: #13

Picture: The Lobster (82/6)
Director: Terrence Malick, Knight of Cups (74/5)
Actress: Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen (67/8)
Actor: Josh Brolin, Hail, Caesar! (50/6)
S. Actor: Michael Barbieri, Little Men (76/9)
S. Actress: Sarah Gadon, Indignation (66/8)
Screenplay: David Birke, Elle (79/7)
Scene: Police sketches, Mermaid (50/5)

(This scene benefitted heavily from the category being crowdsourced on Twitter hours before the deadline.)


This is Malick's first failure to score a "nomination" (top five). He's previously won Best Director twice (The New World, 2005; The Tree of Life, 2011), placed 4th for The Thin Red Line (1998), and placed 5th for To the Wonder (2013). (And of course Voyage of Time is his first outright whiff, albeit with a bit of an asterisk given its negligible release.)

Brolin gets his sixth career nod, evenly split between the lead and supporting categories. In the former, he's also placed 3rd (No Country for Old Men, 2007) and 10th (W., 2008). In the latter, he's landed at #15 (Grindhouse, 2007), #11 (Milk, 2008), and #2 (Inherent Vice, 2014). Steinfeld placed 8th in 2010 for True Grit. Gadon slightly bests her 14th-place finish in the same category for Cosmopolis (2012). Barbieri is new, as is Birke.


Theo said...

How wrong is it, on a scale of 0 to Wrong, to say that Barbieri seemed to have some sort of speech impediment? Or is that what people sound like in deepest Brooklyn? (I also thought his performance was stilted, but I bow to the higher wisdom of the AVB.)

Btw, the other kid is quite a talented filmmaker (for a kid):

This was actually my No. 12 scene, but I had Sacha Baron Cohen in the top 10 and figured one blast of silly comedy was enough.


thanksbud said...

I did not no about any Twatter outsourcing when voting for this clearly awesome seen.