06 February 2018

Skandies: #12

Picture: Lady Bird (81/9)
Director: James Gray, The Lost City of Z (74/9)
Actress: Véro Tshanda Beya, Félicité (82/6)
Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal, Stronger (77/6)
S. Actor: Tracy Letts, Lady Bird (58/7)
S. Actress: Sienna Miller, The Lost City of Z (80/10)
Screenplay: Hong Sangsoo, On the Beach at Night Alone (71/7)
Scene: Condom talk, The Square (49/5)


Gray is working his way down the ladder, having placed 10th for Two Lovers (2009) and 11th for The Immigrant (2014).

Gyllenhaal nearly won Best Actor three years ago, finishing 2nd for Nightcrawler, and also placed 7th in Supporting for Brokeback Mountain (2005). Letts landed at #15 in the same category last year for Indignation. Both women are new (and Tshanda Beya would surely have placed higher had more than a handful of voters seen Félicité).

Hong's screenplays for Woman on the Beach (2008), Night and Day (2009), The Day He Arrives (2012), and Right Now, Wrong Then (2016) placed 11th, 13th, 17th, and 10th, respectively.


Michael said...

(and Tshanda Beya would surely have placed higher had more than a handful of voters seen Félicité)


Jeff said...

LADY BIRD is the film I didn't catch before deadline that I regret missing the most. Will catch up eventually.

How high can PERSONAL SHOPPER go?

Probably 11 after that jinx.

Private Joker said...

LADY BIRD is fine but is the film I have the most trouble understanding why it's getting so many PROs. Feels like one of the most overrated things ever. I can usually at least figure out why, when films I don't love get other love, but LADY BIRD has me flummoxed. And I've read a shit-ton of writing on it. Still shrug. But you do you, LB lovers.

Michael said...

How high can PERSONAL SHOPPER go?

It's at least Top 10. #11 is probably either GOOD TIME or A QUIET PASSION.