05 December 2004

Sincerely theirs

Hey guys. I see that you are so bored at the moment that you have been reduced to reading this stupid blog. If it's intellectual stimulation you seek come a slow Sunday afternoon, why not give a look to the New York Times Magazine? Week in and week out, it offers some of the most in-depth, authoritative journalism printed in English, and its writers and editors are unparalleled at sussing out terrific stories that haven't already been bludgeoned to death elsewhere. (Witness the mag's recent piece on Wong Kar-wai's 2046, printed despite the film's lack of a U.S. distributor and its surprising absence from the New York Film Festival.) This week's cover story, in particular, is one of the most fascinating, engrossing and disturbing articles I've shuddered my way through in quite some time. Really, you should check it out. Take it from me. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

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