17 February 2006

Skandies: #12

Picture: Head-On (64/7)
Director: Steven Spielberg, Munich (71/8)
Actress: Miranda July, Me and You and Everyone We Know (70/10)
Actor: Steve Carell, The 40 Year Old Virgin (87/9)
S. Actor: Heath Ledger, Lords of Dogtown (67/5)
S. Actress: Amy Adams, Junebug (76/6)
Screenplay: Judd Apatow & Steve Carell, The 40 Year Old Virgin (59/7)
Scene: Bomb on a bus, The Interpreter (49/4)
Undistributed 2003: Strong Shoulders (Ursula Meier) (34/2)


Spielberg's history was previously noted when he landed at #20 for War of the Worlds.

And that's it. Everyone else is new, though obviously we'll be seeing Mr. Ledger again some time from now.

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