02 February 2007

Skandies: #16

Picture: Inside Man (58/8)
Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Climates (85/7)
Actress: Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette (73/8)
Actor: Paul Giamatti, Lady in the Water (95/8)
S. Actor: Clive Owen, Inside Man (67/8)
S. Actress: Mia Kirshner, The Black Dahlia (68/7)
Screenplay: Jonathan Raymond and Kelly Reichardt, Old Joy (79/10)
Scene: Opening shot, 4 (40/2)
Undistributed 2004: Life Is a Miracle (Emir Kusturica) (27/2)


Ceylan, in one of the greatest recent Skandie travesties, did not place in Director for Distant; this is his first citation.

Kirsten Dunst also placed 16th in 2001, for crazy/beautiful. (She's fared better in Supporting: 12th for The Virgin Suicides (2000) and 10th for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). Giamatti won Best Actor two years for Sideways, and also placed 7th in 2003 for American Splendor, plus a 3rd-place finish in Supporting last year for Cinderella Man. Clive Owen's record came up when he was cited for Children of Men two days ago, and Kirshner is new, Exotica having predated this version of the survey by one year.

Raymond and Reichert are also new—River of Grass was the same year as Exotica.


Sam's Myth said...

love the YouTube clips. Checking in on the Skandie results from Germany,
Sam Smith

Eric Henderson said...

Those poor dogs. :(