09 February 2007

Skandies: #9

Picture: Gabrielle (113/8)
Director: Michael Mann, Miami Vice (121/13)
Actress: Maggie Cheung, Clean (129/17)
Actor: Aaron Eckhart, Thank You for Smoking (119/14)
S. Actor: David Bowie, The Prestige (111/10)
S. Actress: Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine (126/11)
Screenplay: Richard Linklater, A Scanner Darkly (103/10)
Scene: Hotel reunion, Climates (47/3)
Undistributed 2004: Zebraman (Takashi Miike) (40/6)

[Unfortunately, I don't have a Climates screener handy anymore, and it's not the kind of film people are bandying about online. So here's the awesome opening shot from Ceylan's Distant (Uzak) instead.]


This is Mann's third appearance on the Director list for a film that didn't make the top 20. He finished 15th in 1999 for The Insider and 8th in 2001 for Ali. (And 23rd for Collateral—a near miss.)

Cheung gets her fifth nod, having previously placed 7th for Irma Vep (1997), 13th for Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1998), 2nd for In the Mood for Love, and 4th in Supporting for Hero (2004). Eckhart hadn't been seen since 2000, when he landed at #19 in Supporting for Erin Brockovich; he also took 2nd in the lead category for In the Company of Men (1997). Bowie and Breslin are new.

Linklater's only previous Screenplay citation was his 2nd place finish for 2004's Before Sunset.


Ryan said...

Where is the awesome clip? Where is the awesome clip?

md'a said...

I really wish I had Climates handy, actually, because this may be the first time I've had no memory whatsoever of a scene that made the top ten (from a film I did in fact see). I would have sworn under oath that the only interaction between Mr. and Mrs. Ceylan in the winter section took place in the car at the very end. And it's only been nine months or so since I saw it.

Another scene is forthcoming for which I have no clip handy. Paradoxically, it's easier for me to make clips from big studio movies still in theaters, since those are all over the Internet. Whereas my screeners for tiny/foreign movies have mostly been sent out to voters living in the boondocks.

Theo said...

Given the name of this blog, the clip situation is doubly disturbing. Are there no friendly Turks in Park Slope?

I also have no memory of this scene. But then I didn't think much of the movie.

Ryan said...

Actually, what made the movie for me was the winter section, where the push-pull dynamic of the Last Ditch Effort to Win Her Back move was charted with canny precision. There's regret, self-loathing, followed by a kind of ball's out desperation.

The scene in the hotel is fantastic, especially the focus-pulls and the way in which Ceylan obstructs the object of the shot with an out-of-focus body part. Like Denis, Ceylan turns lovemaking into abstract collision of disembodied flesh, but the cutting and framing renders the whole thing mournful rather than romantic.

And LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE finished ahead of this? When we did we turn into Cinemarati?

md'a said...

Climates (#26) actually got more votes than Little Miss Sunshine (#21), but the three people who liked the latter evidently liked it a whole lot.

Replace Nuri and Ebru with actors and I'm on board.