01 February 2008

Skandies: #15

Picture: Joshua (77/8)
Director: Julia Loktev, Day Night Day Night (73/9)
Actress: Amy Adams, Enchanted (68/6)
Actor: Chris Cooper, Breach (50/5)
S. Actor: Josh Brolin, Grindhouse (54/4)
S. Actress: Helena Bonham Carter, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (55/6)
Screenplay: Gerard Soeteman and Paul Verhoeven, Black Book (62/7)
Scene: "I Want You," I'm Not There (50/3)


This is Loktev's debut. Her only previous eligible film was the documentary Moment of Impact.

Cooper and Bonham Carter each make their fourth appearance in the top 20. Cooper placed 7th in 1996 for Lone Star, 14th in Supporting for American Beauty (1999), and 2nd in Supporting for Adaptation. (2002). Bonham Carter's previous three nods were all in the '90s: 3rd in 1997 for The Wings of the Dove, 19th in 1997 for Margaret's Museum, and 10th in Supporting in 1999 for Fight Club. Adams finished 12th in Supporting for Junebug in 2005. Brolin is new, and the year's most pleasant surprise for me—I joined his fan club a good month before seeing No Country for Old Men at Cannes, on this basis of this superb deadpan performance.

Neither Soeteman nor Verhoeven, who've worked together many times, had written any films during the Skandies era until now.


Anonymous said...

Herman's Hermits for the win.

Filling out my ballot would have been so much easier this year if I had known we could vote for ZAZ productions.

Jeremy Heilman said...

Wow, I feel like a tool for forgetting Brolin, despite giving points to four other Grindhouse cast members.

Bryant said...

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