01 February 2010

Skandies: #20

Picture: Still Walking (53/5) [tie for #19]
Director: Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell (60/6)
Actress: Lisa Houle, Pontypool (43/6)
Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (500) Days of Summer (57/8)
S. Actor: Vlad Ivanov, Police, Adjective (54/6)
S. Actress: Mariana Loyola, The Maid (55/6)
Screenplay: Götz Spielmann, Revanche (40/7)
Scene: The tablecloth trick, You, the Living (41/4)

[Embedding disabled; click here.]


Raimi also placed 20th for Spider-Man (2002); he did a little better with Spider-Man 2 (2004), finishing 12th. He also placed 14th in 1998 for A Simple Plan.

Gordon-Levitt makes his third appearance in the top 20, having landed at #4 in 2005 and 2006 for Mysterious Skin and Brick, respectively. We saw Ivanov just last year at #7 in the same category, for 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. The women are new.

Spielmann, to my knowledge, has never had a film receive a U.S. release until now.


Victor said...

Woo-hoo ... again one of the last voters in, and my points apparently pushed three "nominees" over the finish line and into the Top 20 -- Ivanov, Loyola and the table trick.

Mariana Loyola I'm just happy to see at all, and maybe I should hope for Catalina Saavedra -- hard to see people seeing THE MAID, giving points to Loyola but not Saavedra. That'd be as retarded as giving points to Laura Vasiliu for 4 MONTHS but not Anamaria Marinca (though yes, someone actually did that).

I'm guessing just not enough saw POLICE ADJECTIVE. Even if you don't like the film in general (which I understand), Ivanov brings the house down in his one scene and steals the whole movie. Hoping we'll also see that one scene in the Best Scene category (hard to see anything else from the film placing with Ivanov in, but this low).

And the table trick is not only awesome, but the clip works completely out of context not having seen YOU THE LIVING for a couple months short of two years (trust me, I just tried it). And the Andersson aesthetic is all there -- the fastidious set design (parodied within the scene), the sudden dialogue, the still actors, the dull-cloud lighting and color scheme, the long buildup, and then the punchline we know is coming but the wound-up tension has been so well set up that knowing it doesn't matter. There's also a Kubrickian touch, like the end of THE KILLING, in that Every, Last. Thing. on the table rolls off (a feat in itself), except for one cheeky little glass mocking everybody.

Anonymous said...

I love how the expectedness (for lack of a better word) of the punchline is immediately undercut by the WTF-ness of the swastikas.

C. Mason Wells said...

Viva Ivanov!

Hope this isn't the only YOU, THE LIVING scene we'll be seeing...

Brian said...

Someone voted for JGL in 500 Days? I didn't realize that "best memorization of the lyrics to a Pixies song" was a Skandies category.

Victor said...

Well, now you do.

And it was wayway more relevant that Leavitt fit into the Skandies category of Best Use of Hall and Oates in a Sex Fantasy. (Both that scene and Leavitt were among the last I eliminated in their respective categories).

Michael said...

It is so awesome that Lisa Houle made the top twenty. I think that means we'll be seeing....seeing...seeing... seeing...seeing...seeing...seeing... seeing...seeing...seeing...seeing... seeing...seeing...seeing...


Ryan said...

Ivanov was fantastic here, but he appeared only for one scene, and I reserved my one-scene guy (well, it was technically two scenes) for Fassbender in BASTERDS. And the category was just too competitive for me this year, what with all the folks from IN THE LOOP, etc. Also, I didn't think the bravura dictionary scene, as strong as it was, plays that well divorced from context.

In terms of supporting perfs, I hope folks didn't forget Denis Levant in TOKYO! or the three or so scenes from Carax's short that would be worthy Skandies nominees.

Forgot about the tablecloth scene, and instead voted for the train scene in the same pic. Might have been a mistake on my part.

And while Levitt nailed the sympathetic emo hipster in (500) DAYS, methinks he can do this role in his sleep.

Victor said...

I hope folks didn't forget Denis Levant in TOKYO!


(Actually, I didn't forget him ... had Levant at #3 in Supporting Male, right below Ivanov.)

md'a said...

Given the makeup and history of this nerd crew, I'm just surprised and grateful that JG-L made the cut and (to give one small thing away) that Zooey did not.