25 December 2011

Christmas Day Movie Viewing: A History

1996: Jerry Maguire
1997: Jackie Brown
1998: Shakespeare in Love
1999: /The Talented Mr. Ripley/*
2000: /Cast Away/
2001: /A Beautiful Mind/
2002: /Catch Me if You Can/
2003: Paycheck
2004: /Sideways/
2005: Fun With Dick and Jane**
2006: Dreamgirls***
2007: National Treasure: Book of Secrets****
2008: /Burn After Reading/*****
2009: Sherlock Holmes******
2010: /True Grit/
2011: War Horse
2012: Django Unchained
2013: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty**
2014: /Force Majeure/^
2015: The Hateful Eight
2016: Passengers
2017: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
2018: Avengers | Infinity War^

/slashes/ signify a second viewing (for me, generally not for family members accompanying me)

* for which my family has still not forgiven me.

** under great duress on my part

*** which I saw by myself (despite having virtually zero interest) while the rest of the family went to Night at the Museum 2

**** because it turned out my dad was actually really hurt that I defected the previous year.

***** seen at home on awards screener after we couldn't get into Gran Torino—our first ever sell-out.

****** my eternal gratitude to whichever studio it is for releasing Game of Shadows a week earlier.

^ watched alone late at night after everyone else went to bed, because Dad couldn't go out to a movie for whatever reason that year.


Bilge Ebiri said...

Out of all those, they haven't forgiven you for THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY??? Wasn't that movie kind of a hit?

I would've thought SIDEWAYS or BURN AFTER READING would have been more problematic.

md'a said...

Sideways ends on at least a slightly upbeat note and Burn After Reading is a comedy, if a dark one. My family doesn't want a giant downer for Christmas.

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