24 May 2012

From Cannes: Interim Crix Poll Results

This is the last day that the trades put out daily editions, so here's where things stand right now.

Screen (international crix)

Rating system is traditional 4 stars, no half-stars.

3.3: Amour (Haneke)
3.3: Beyond the Hills (Mungiu)
2.9: The Hunt (Vinterberg)
2.9: Killing Them Softly (Dominik)
2.9: Rust and Bone (Audiard)
2.8: The Angels' Share (Loach)
2.7: On the Road (Salles)
2.6: Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson)
2.6: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! (Resnais)
2.4: Like Someone in Love (Kiarostami)
2.1: In Another Country (Hong)
2.0: Holy Motors (Carax)
1.9: Reality (Garrone)
1.7: Lawless (Hillcoat)
1.5: After the Battle (Nasrallah)
1.5: Paradise: Love (Seidl)

(As you can see, Holy Motors ain't exactly universally beloved. It gets 4/4 from Dennis Lim and a Danish critic, one 3-star rating ["good"], some "average" (ha!), and four ratings of either "poor" or "bad.")

Le Film Français (French crix only)

Their rating system is totally different, on a 4-star scale but with 2 stars meaning they liked it "beaucoup" (as opposed to "passionnĂ©ment" for 3 stars and "à la folie," i.e. to the point of madness, for 4). So these numbers aren't comparable to the ones above at all.

3.20: Amour (Haneke)
2.88: Rust and Bone (Audiard)
2.60: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! (Resnais)
2.57: Holy Motors (Carax)
2.20: The Angels' Share (Loach)
2.13: Beyond the Hills (Mungiu)
2.00: Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson)
1.93: Reality (Garrone)
1.85: Killing Them Softly (Dominik)
1.73: Lawless (Hillcoat)
1.67: On the Road (Salles)
1.63: The Hunt (Vinterberg)
1.53: Paradise: Love (Seidl)
1.43: In Another Country (Hong)
1.29: After the Battle (Nasrallah)
1.27: Like Someone in Love (Kiarostami)

Still some dissension but Carax fares much better at home, as does Resnais. Kiarostami and especially Vinterberg take a massive nosedive. Otherwise pretty much the same ballpark.


Reini Urban said...

You are missing the self-organized list by micropsia.otroscines.com (other world, with Carax in front)

and my general overview at:

(Haneke close with Carax, but Cronenberg pending)

Michael said...

I guess I hadn't been keeping close enough track. But I didn't realize the Seidl was so widely disliked. I thought the response was merely tepid, and expected to see it in the lower-middle of the standings.