06 February 2014

Skandies: #10

Picture: Like Someone in Love (122/10)
Director: J.C. Chandor, All Is Lost (123/13)
Actress: Shailene Woodley, The Spectacular Now (113/12)
Actor: Ethan Hawke, Before Midnight (131/17)
S. Actor: David Cross, It's a Disaster (84/8)
S. Actress: Carey Mulligan, Inside Llewyn Davis (89/9)
Screenplay: Ryker Chan, Wai Ka-fai, Yau Nai-hoi and Yu Xi, Drug War (111/13)
Scene: Paris, Frances Ha (67/6)


Chandor didn't make the list for directing Margin Call.

Woodley previously placed 14th in Supporting for The Descendants (2011). Hawke's only previous nod was for playing Jesse in Before Sunset (2004); he finished a bit higher for that performance, at #8. Mulligan placed 7th in the lead category for An Education (2009) and 13th in Supporting for Shame (2011). Cross is new.

None of Drug War's four credited screenwriters has ever previously had a script recognized. (Few of their collective efforts were released in the U.S.)


md'a said...

Happier, Blake? I assume you didn't foresee this.

Blake said...

Whoa! I did not. Figured The Past would've snuck in before this. Still the first year I won't have a PRO in the top 5, though.

Worst. Skandies Top 5. Ever.

Ryan said...

Two actors, screenplay, and direction all finishing in the top 20 for Drug War. So it's gotta place in the top 10 for film, right? Would be quite a surprise.

(It lost a six-way shoot-out for #10 on my ballot (Malick prevailed) but it's nice to see a solid genre offering making the cut if it happens.)

Happy to see the Kiarostami finish so high. Unhappy that I forgot to vote for a scene or two from that pic.

Private Joker said...

Glad to see Mulligan was recognized for looking pissed off for 2 hours. (Her perf was basically the only thing I didn't like about the awesome ILD; someone please explain this).

Michael said...


md'a said...

I didn't vote for Mulligan, but my explanation would be that she's hilarious. Sure, the role is one-dimensional, but it's also quite small, and essentially comedic; all it required was expertise in withering contempt, which Mulligan demonstrates in spades. Plus she sings. Her scenes are among my favorites in the movie, and I could easily think of a dozen I like less from its substandard second half.

Michael said...


Private Joker said...

I see what you're doing Waz and her SHAME singing is a gazillion times better than anything in ILD. But I wouldn't be surprised if some Skandie voters have residual love for anything she does. Keep Calm and Carey Mulligan.