09 February 2014

Skandies: #7

Picture: The Act of Killing (136/14)
Director: Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel, Leviathan (150/14)
Actress: Tallie Medel, The Unspeakable Act (126/13)
Actor: Toni Servillo, The Great Beauty (168/15)
S. Actor: Matthew McConaughey, The Wolf of Wall Street (97/8)
S. Actress: Zhang Ziyi, The Grandmaster (144/15)
Screenplay: Cormac McCarthy, The Counselor (133/10)
Scene: Piano bench duet, Stoker (95/10)


First nod for both of Leviathan's directors. Very gratifying to see them finish so high, given the nature of the film.

Again, McConaughey's stats can be found at #15 below. Incredibly, this is his second consecutive year placing three performances in the top 20, after getting zero recognition prior to that. Zhang makes her first appearance since she placed 4th in Supporting for Hero (2005); she's also been honored twice in the lead category, for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (#6, 2000) and House of Flying Daggers (#12, 2004). Servillo previously placed 12th for Il Divo (2009). Medel is new.

The Counselor is McCarthy's first screenplay. 


md'a said...

Btw, since I think it's fairly obvious what the six remaining films must be, let me note that The Act of Killing is the highest-ranking foreign-language film this year. And Blue Is the Warmest Color is the highest-ranking foreign-language film in the fiction category. 15 of the top 20 are in English, overall. For all the (inexplicable, to me) talk about what a great year 2013 was, world cinema didn't make anything like a strong showing, in terms of the films that received a NYC commercial release.

tuttleAC said...

Hmmm... INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, UPSTREAM COLOR, BEFORE MIDNIGHT, FRANCES HA, HER, and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. So that sucks, I was kinda hoping for a THE COUNSELOR or DRUG WAR upset, just for some color. Seriously, 2013 was fine, but dearth of films that were better than good is absurdly boring.

dd said...

If that's true, I'm a bit surprised that NEBRASKA didn't place top 20.

Matthew B. said...

Looks like the Weinstein edit job on the American cut of The Grandmaster is showing its influence here. Zhang is unquestionably a co-lead.