03 February 2017

Skandies: #16

Picture: My Golden Days (66/7)
Director: Arnaud Desplechin, My Golden Days (60/6)
Actress: Ruth Negga, Loving (51/7)
Actor: Gérard Depardieu, Valley of Love (46/4)
S. Actor: Jack Reynor, Sing Street (71/7)
S. Actress: Janelle Monáe, Moonlight (50/5)
Screenplay: Park Chan-wook & Jeong Seo-kyeong, The Handmaiden (69/7)
Scene: Menstruation dinner conversation, 20th Century Women (37/3)


Desplechin placed 17th for Kings & Queen (2005) and 9th for A Christmas Tale (2008).

All the actors are new—including Depardieu, though his late son Guillaume had a top five finish for The Duchess of Langeais—as are Park and Jeong. (Park placed in Director for Oldboy, but not in Screenplay.) 

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Ryan said...

Wish I had time to re-watch My Golden Days before the deadline as it'd probably climb back into my top 10 on a fresh viewing. Have to remember to spare some time for re-watches of early releases for my 2017 ballot, particularly since so many strong arthouse fare are released in the Q1 these days.