07 February 2007

Skandies: #11

Picture: The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (103/11)
Director: David Lynch, Inland Empire (97/7)
Actress: Déborah François, L'Enfant (The Child) (118/13)
Actor: Jérémie Renier, L'Enfant (The Child) (109/11)
S. Actor: Michael Caine, The Prestige (97/10)
S. Actress: Carmen Maura, Volver (99/11)
Screenplay: Patrice Chéreau & Anne-Louise Trividic, Gabrielle (98/8)
Scene: Olive's talent act, Little Miss Sunshine (45/4)
Undistributed 2004: Vital (Shinya Tsukamoto) (33/4)

[I just watched this scene for the first time five minutes ago as I type this. No offense to the four folks who voted for it, but seeing it only makes me feels that much more justified in having walked out of the movie over a year ago.]


Lynch, who has never yet missed, placed 10th in 1997 for Lost Highway, 6th in 1999 for The Straight Story, and 2nd in 2001 for Mulholland Dr. That this is his worst finish to date no doubt owes much to the film's extremely limited release as of this writing.

Of the actors, only one has previously appeared in the top 20. Nope, not Caine—it's Renier, who finished 17th in 1997 for La Promesse.

Chéreau and his writing partner haven't previously placed in Screenplay, either.

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