12 February 2009

Skandies: #10

Picture: A Christmas Tale (106/9)
Director: Charlie Kaufman, Synecdoche, New York (108/7)
Actress: Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road (102/11)
Actor: Josh Brolin, W. (91/7)
S. Actor: Russell Brand, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (114/13)
S. Actress: Rebecca Hall, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (96/10)
Screenplay: Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (106/11)
Scene: Deranged penguin, Encounters at the End of the World (59/6)


Kaufman, a three-time (at least) Skandie winner for Screenplay, gets a nod for his directorial debut.

Winslet makes her 9th appearance in the top 20, placing her second behind Philip Seymour Hoffman on the all-time list. (She'd been tied with Nicole Kidman at eight.) Her roster:

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
8. Titanic (1997)
9. Jude (1996)
10s. Quills (2000)
10. Revolutionary Road (2008)
12. Little Children (2006)
13. Holy Smoke (1999)
16s. Hamlet (1996)
17. Hideous Kinky (1999)

Brolin gets two nods for the second consecutive year; check yesterday's post for the other details. Brand and Hall are new—and, memo to the AVB, Hall was unquestionably one of the leads in that film, her billing notwithstanding.

Screenplaywise, the Woodman previously placed 20th for Deconstructing Harry (1997) and 5th for Match Point (2005).


Michael Casey said...

About fucking time The Onion hired you (or printed your work, at any rate). Can't think of two entities better aligned in sensibilities (though that may just be my biased admiration speaking).

Ryan said...

Fantastic one-sheet for A CHRISTMAS TALE, which finished unexpectedly low. And Kate. Come on, don't tell me everyone got wowed by the jittery tics of Sally Hawkins.

md'a said...

I'm trying to dig around and find the best poster available for each film. The U.S. one for the Desplechin is kinda lame. Woman on the Beach took a while because the most common one-sheet is a fucking abomination that tries to sell it as the Korean equivalent of something like Along Came Polly.

Ryan said...

Yeah, figured you tried to track down the best one-sheets -- the non-US poster that you post for any given film is invariably better than the more familiar US design. That said, to the design shops for the American one-sheets of Burn After Reading and especially the daringly retro Funny Games, which looks like the cover of a Taschen fetish book.

And what was done for the Onion? I took a look and it looks like the usual suspects.

md'a said...

And what was done for the Onion?

Nothing yet, but I'll be doing my daily Cannes reports for the A.V. Club this year. (Reported on Twitter; Michael must not have an account and so chose to reply here.)

md'a said...

Oh, and speaking of the one-sheets, does anyone else always think they're looking at an Absolut Vodka ad whenever they see the one for Let the Right One In? Same damn font.