07 February 2009

Skandies: #15

Picture: Flight of the Red Balloon (83/7)
Director: Jia Zhang-ke, Still Life (68/6)
Actress: Ludivine Sagnier, A Girl Cut in Two (65/10)
Actor: Dore Mann, Frownland (68/5)
S. Actor: James Franco, Milk (50/7)
S. Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man (77/8) [tie for #14]
Screenplay: Catherine Breillat, The Last Mistress (64/7)
Scene: Monologue, JCVD (45/4)

[You know, I tried watching this again and couldn't even get halfway through it. What is wrong with you people. How could you vote this tedious crap in and fail to pay proper homage to what is easily one of the year's most awesome scenes.]

HISTORY: This is Jia's first citation for Director.

Paltrow makes her sixth appearance in the top 20. The roll call: 19th in Supporting for Hard Eight (1997), 7th in Lead for Shakespeare in Love (1998), 16th in Lead for Shallow Hal (2001), 10th in Supporting for The Royal Tenenbaums (also 2001), and most recently 14th in Lead for Proof (2005). Sagnier previously placed 18th in Supporting for 8 Women (2002) and 14th in Supporting for Swimming Pool (2003). Franco and Mann are new.

Breillat has been cited as a director before (for Fat Girl), but this is her first Screenplay nod.


Anonymous said...

Actress: Ludivine Sagnier, A Girl Cut in Two (65/10)

So this means that ten people want to have sex with Ludivine Sagnier, right?

Anonymous said...

No. I mean sure, but she is actually really great in this film. I have ragged on her in the past for lacking chops, but here she has the difficult job of navigating two strong personalities with deference and yet a substantial degree of self-assurance. She knows she's "out of her depth," but she's quite confident about the inherent value of her own depth, and maintains humor and pride throughout. And almost none of this is on the written page. Sagnier conveys this through comportment, reactions, the trace of thoughts across her face. It's a fantastic performance.

But would I throw her out of bed? No.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you sure that isn't Chabrol operating there, Mr. Sicinski? Because he's pretty good and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I gave Ludivine points for three separate performances this year. She is getting better. (And hotter.)

Anonymous said...

Those two aren't "performances," thanksbud

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think some of it is Chabrol, although on purely directorial terms this film is considerably weaker than other recent ones like Thanks for the Chocolate or The Flower of Evil. But then I'm not an absolute auteurist of the sort to attribute anything and everything positive in a film to its director.

And I'm afraid, on principle, I won't be pulled into an argument, however cordial, with an anonymous party.

Anonymous said...

Glad there are lots who recognized how well Sagnier navigated between extremes in A Girl Cut in Two. The reception for the movie among the movie nerds at TIFF was tepid, IIRC. Like thanksbud, I was tempted to vote for her in Love Songs (never saw the Miller) but she fell by the wayside. But my, how much prettier the wayside looks!

Unknown said...

Good job on skipping the Miller bud.