17 February 2012

Skandies: #1

Best Picture: The Tree of Life (338/27)

Best Director: Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life (472/29)
Skandie history: #4, The Thin Red Line (1998); #1, The New World (2005).

Best Actress: Anna Paquin, Margaret (425/25)
Skandie history: None.

Best Actor: Peyman Moadi, A Separation (446/28)
Skandie history: None.
(Incredibly, he's the first foreign-language winner ever in this category. Whereas we've had four foreign-language Actress winners.)

Best Supporting Actor: Albert Brooks, Drive (306/22)
Skandie history: None.

Best Supporting Actress: J. Smith-Cameron, Margaret (272/19)
Skandie history: None.

Best Screenplay: Asghar Farhadi, A Separation (619/32)
Skandie history: None.
(New semi-meaningless record set here for most points; it had previously been held by Naomi Watts, who won Actress for Mulholland Dr. in 2001 with 591/32.)

Best Scene: "Nights in White Satin," House of Pleasures (229/17).
(Which, though I voted for it myself, I realize after watching it like this will seem utterly meaningless taken out of context. Ah well.)

Complete results available here (soon, if not this instant). Thanks to all voters, and especially to Mark Pittillo for programming the automated ballot and maintaining the website. Brief post-mortem coming up on Monday.


Steve C. said...

Good job choosing the correct MARGARET Supporting Actress to put up top, guys.

Also: 619 points!

Jeff said...

Good job not letting A SEPARATION win best picture buds. Also good job on best seen.

Joshua said...

Juliette Binoche and Elle Fanning can at least take solace in the fact that they were voted the best actresses in films whose titles did not consist of one or more women's names starting with the letters "Ma".

Victor Morton said...

Since Mike berated me on Twitter for finding out that HOUSE OF PLEASURES has an awesome scene scored to "Nights in White Satin" (i.e., for reading his Cannes dispatch), let me say that not only does it not really work out of context, even knowing its existence didn't prepare me for the knockout punch it is, IN context. The scene that comes before, the pacing of the dance, the tempo of the music, the thematic point ... good job, the rest of us who voted for it.

Ryan said...

I'm a little slow, so help me out here: the double negative suggests that you believe "Nights in White Satin" works out-of-context?

The "King Lear" scene from Margaret is fantastic. How did that not make the top 25?

calmon said...

What a fine year.

Victor Morton said...

Assuming Ryan was talking to me ...

I mean, it lacks something out of context.

And while I apologize for my complicated construction, it isn't a semantic double negative. It takes the form "not only X, but Y." And while it so happens X has an internal negative, "not only" is an emphatic, not a negative.

md'a said...

The "King Lear" scene from Margaret is fantastic. How did that not make the top 25?

I didn't vote for any scenes from Margaret, despite loving almost every single one. Ditto A Separation. They're both the kind of film that feels all of a piece.

My big regret in this category is that too few people saw Paranormal Activity 3 for the fan-cam scene to place. Best formalist bit of last year.

Nictate said...

The "King Lear" scene from Margaret is fantastic. How did that not make the top 25?

I sadly forgot to vote for the King Lear scene, which I didn't realize until watching MARGARET again post-Skandies vote. I think that scene's importance/eloquence is mostly overlooked. I've even heard it criticized for being hacky (using a discussion of literature as a dramatic device).

Alex said...

I was nonplussed by the Twitter chatter during the PA3 theatrical run about the fan cam bit; isn't this simply a rehash of the (imo) superior 360 cam shot in [REC]?

Alex said...

Also, congrats to Mark for his fifth consecutive year of 90+ Selectivity. Clearly a man who does not waste his time watching crap.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ben Bernanke on winning the best director Skandie

Theo said...

So a MARGARET one-two in Supp. Actress, huh. It's weird, I watched 188 films this year (a Skandie record for me) but still haven't seen 3 of the winners and 3 runners-up. The handful of movies I missed - MARGARET, HOUSE OF PLEASURES, TAKE SHELTER, HUGO - made a big difference. (Asterisk alert: Sacha Baron Cohen would be in the Top 20 if HUGO had opened here two weeks earlier.)

I should also own up to an embarrassing mistake: my points for Michael Lonsdale in Supp. Actor were actually intended (I now realise) for Lambert Wilson. Dunno how it happened, I just forgot who played the chief monk (also, Lonsdale got some mentions in the VV poll, which I guess confused me). Anyway, yeah, total brainfart. Asterisk No. 2. Sorry Lambert Wilson bud.

Also, how come Jeremy Heilman doesn't appear on the list of Participants? He didn't appear last year either.

thanksbud said...

The handful of movies I missed - MARGARET, HOUSE OF PLEASURES, TAKE SHELTER, HUGO - made a big difference.

Good job bud living in Crete. Had you seen those pictures you probaly would of (incorrectly) given less points to PUTTY HILL.

MrJeffery said...

just stumbled upon this! i love your winners. we both share choices for supp. actress. here were mine. http://jdbrecords.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-dream-oscar-picks.html