01 February 2016

Skandies: #20

[For those of you new to the Skandies, below is what placed 20th in each of these categories. Tomorrow all the #19s will be unveiled, then #18 the next day, etc. If you just want to know who won, check back here in 20 days.]

Picture: Eden (52/5)
Director: Joshua Oppenheimer, The Look of Silence (39/3)
Actress: Anne Dorval, Mommy (57/6)
Actor: Kurt Russell, Bone Tomahawk (52/6)
S. Actor: Michael Keaton, Spotlight (43/4)
S. Actress: Raffey Cassidy, Tomorrowland (46/4)
Screenplay: Andrew Bujalski, Results (59/7)
Scene (tie for #19): Crossfire at the opera, Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation (40/4)

[Scene can be viewed in its entirety here.]


Oppenheimer just missed two years ago for The Act of Killing, placing 21st. This time he squeaks in.

Russell gets his fifth career Skandies nod, having landed at #20 for Dark Blue (2003), #18 for Miracle (2004), #11 in Supporting for Sky High (2005), and #2 in Supporting for Grindhouse (2007). Keaton placed 17th last year in the lead category for Birdman. Both women are new, though Dorval would surely have done very well for I Killed My Mother, had it been released within its eligibility window.

Bujalski previously placed at #20 in Screenplay for Mutual Appreciation (2006). He also finished 17th for Beeswax in 2009 and 9th for Computer Chess in 2013.

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