09 February 2017

Skandies: #10

Picture: The Handmaiden (106/9)
Director: Kelly Reichardt, Certain Women (88/10)
Actress: Amy Adams, Arrival (81/9)
Actor: Jeong Jae-yeong, Right Now, Wrong Then (66/7)
S. Actor: Trevante Rhodes, Moonlight (113/11)
S. Actress: Golshifteh Farahani, Paterson (82/9)
Screenplay: Hong Sang-soo, Right Now, Wrong Then (97/10)
Scene: Remembering what happened, Manchester By The Sea (59/5)

sk10 from Daniel Gemko on Vimeo.

I chose to combine votes for separate parts of what, in my opinion, is one long multi-part flashback (all of which takes place while Lee is in the lawyer's office, as the editing makes abundantly clear). Audio is very slightly out of sync, sorry. (And do not watch this if you haven't seen the film.)


Reichardt placed 14th for Old Joy (2006) and 9th for Meek's Cutoff (2011).

Adams is a previous Skandie winner in Supporting Actress, for The Master (2012). She's also placed 12th in Supporting for Junebug (2005), 15th for Enchanted (2007), 6th in Supporting for The Fighter (2010), 9th for American Hustle (2013), and 11th in Supporting for Her (2013 again). Everyone else is new.

Hong's screenplays for Woman on The Beach (2008), Night and Day (2009), and The Day He Arrives (2012) placed 11th, 13th, and 17th, respectively.


Theo said...

Yeah, Adams in The Master is one of those abiding Skandie mysteries, though the category wasn't very competitive now that I look at it. (My choice was the No. 5 in that year.)

Jeff said...

I certainly didn't vote for her, but I also think none of my top choices in the category that year cracked the top 20.

Anonymous said...

Rosemarie DeWitt was a lead in YOUR SISTER'S SISTER, Theo. (I gave points to her though; my top supporting actress was Ann Dowd in COMPLIANCE). I also gave nothing to Adams -- did not *get* what y'all saw in her either. Besides that.

Anonymous said...

Fun facts from my 2012 ballot ... I could screenplay points to two films without credited screenwriters! (FAKE IT SO REAL and THE IMPOSTER.)

Jeremy Heilman said...

2012 Supporting Actress is baffling overall. Only two of my top ten placed in the 20 (Hathaway for TDKR and Hayek)... also gave Adams 0 points.

My apologies to Ms. Farahani, who I entirely forgot to list somehow...

- Also, Mike, the American Honey meet cute takes place in KMart, not Walmart.

Anonymous said...

"My apologies to Ms. Farahani, who I entirely forgot to list somehow..."

No doubt indicating support for Trump's Muslim ban...

Ryan said...

Favorite thing from the results so far: Golshifteh's top 10 finish.