04 February 2018

Skandies: #14

Picture: Dunkirk (77/8)
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos, The Killing of a Sacred Deer (63/6)
Actress: Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water (74/7)
Actor: James McAvoy, Split (72/4)
S. Actor: Dan Sallitt, Hermia & Helena (54/5)
S. Actress: Elisabeth Moss, The Square (50/6)
Screenplay: Michael Almereyda, Marjorie Prime (65/7)
Scene: Light speed sacrifice, Star Wars: Episode VIII—The Last Jedi (45/5)

(Arguably more of a moment than a scene, but it's amazing, so I can't really complain.)


Lanthimos placed 3rd in 2010 for Dogtooth and sneaked in at #20 last year for The Lobster.

Hawkins finished 2nd in Actress for Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) and 3rd in Supporting for Blue Jasmine (2013). Moss, too, had a third-place Supporting nod, for Listen Up Philip in 2014. Both men are new, and I should note that Sallitt is a Skandie voter (though he didn't vote for himself). Also, McAvoy had literally zero votes until a few hours before the deadline, when four people suddenly decided that he's the greatest. I'm sure that was coincidental and not some coordinated effort (especially given the people involved, who don't generally interact to my knowledge), but it was still weird.

Almereyda's screenplays for Hamlet (2000) and Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (2015) both placed 16th.

As for Dunkirk, it would surely have wound up several notches higher (a mere 10 points would vault it into 9th place) had Bilge Ebiri submitted a ballot this year. He had a feline emergency to contend with after returning home from Sundance. (But that's why I urge y'all to create provisional ballots right away. You'll still be covered should something arise right before the deadline. Do it!)


Jeff said...

Good job other McaVoy voters. It was great working with you. Let's do it again next year. Stay in touch. ETC

Unknown said...

I thought Lanthimos would’ve been a little higher (SACRED DEER was so boldly directed) but it’s still good to see him there.

Speaking of Hawkins, who was pretty good all around, her scene explaining the importance of “the mission” to Jenkins took my breath away (especially considering how unimpressed I was with the rest of the film). I wonder if that’ll make an appearance in the Best Scene?!

Skander said...
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thanksbud said...

I did not think there would only be three other voters for MacAvoy. It was the no brainer in my opinion. Sure it is the "flashy" type roll we are not supposed to "fall for," but he hills it. Bad job buds.

md'a said...

In my case what it is is I did not see The Split on account of I watched the first 20 minutes and it looked incredibly stupid.

thanksbud said...

Del Angelo it is stupid but also pretty good, and MacAvoy plays the different personalities so awesome. Also sorry Turk about your cat however it worked out pretty well on account of keeping Noland out of the top ten whom this group embarrassingly over praises. Also I am surprised Hockins did not finish higher, probaly on account of Del Angelo shaming people who reward "gimmick" performances.

Ryan said...

Wow, really shocked at how low Dunkirk finished.

md'a said...

As I noted, that's largely due to Bilge's absence. It was effectively his #1 film for the year (the top film on his Village Voice list, My Happy Family isn't eligible), so he might well have given it, say, 20 points, which would put it 8th rather than 14th. Could even have been #5 if he 30-bombed it, though that seems unlikely to me. Feel free to asterisk it in your head.

md'a said...

(Bilge not voting also hurt Sally Hawkins, whose performance he raved about in our condo all through Sundance.)

Dan Sallitt said...

I hope the Sallittists weren't responsible for putting me on the list. Heretofore I've considered it a sensible and promising movement.

md'a said...

Bad news, Dan. It's a cult.

(Sky and Tony did vote for you, but so did three others. Right now, they like you! They really like you!)