05 February 2006

Skandie season.

Yes, it's time once again for that colossal waste of time and energy known as the Skander Halim Memorial* Movie Survey. If you don't know what the hell that is, and think you might care, some background (previously posted here), plus bare-bones results dating back to 1996, are now available on my regular old site, where I've substituted them for the long-defunct "Ask Mike" feature. (Still trying to decide whether to leave the header as is or change it to Champagne.) And this year, for the first time, I'll be making the results available publicly as they're announced to the participants, albeit staggered one day behind so as not to divert too much traffic away from the Movie Nerd Discussion Group to which we all belong. Check back on Tuesday for the five fake nominees (I'll explain later) in the major categories, and then every day after that for about the next three weeks. If you can stand the excitement, that is.

* (Skander Halim is still not dead.)

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